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Home/Stock Images/Backgrounds/Mushrooms/Fabulous Fungi 03 Background

Fabulous Fungi 03 Background

Stock Image by CreekyPointStudios|Watch Artist
Stock Image

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Published:May 07, 2019
Download Size:34.9 MB
Dimensions:0 x 0

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The Artist
Member Since 2018
Items Offered: 18 | Watch Artist
A DAZ Studio girl since DS 1.5. I added Poser to my arsenal a few years later when I started product testing, but my heart is still with DAZ Studio. I'm also a photographer in my spare time, going from a point and shoot to a DSLR (Nikon D80) a couple of years ago. I am still learning (aren't we all?) however I did complete a Digital Photography course last year. Now I need time to practice applying those skills and perfecting techniques. One day I will spend time learning to develop film because this intrigues me and my older Nikon might still be worth using. When I have any time spare from other activities, I undertake a variety of art and craft projects from painting on glass to simple jewellery making - my craft room is near overflowing with different mediums and interests. I am also mommy to 3 adult children, 6 furbabies (2 dogs & 4 cats) and countless fish (4 tanks currently running). Grandmother of 2. Married to the perfect-for-me man. We live a quiet life in the country trying to grow our own produce for health and cost savings.
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Fabulous Fungi 03 Background

FUNGI: A large group of organisms that live as parasites, feeding on other living organisms, or as saprophytes, feeding on dead matter. All mushrooms are fungi, however not all fungi are mushrooms.

This set consists of 10 high resolution macro images of fungi/mushrooms. All images are from photos taken by CreekyPointStudio in the South West of Western Australia showing a variety of different fungi in their natural growing environment. No stock photography used in creating this set..

All images 2592 x 1944 pixels, ranging from 2.94MB to 4.11MB.

Fairy backgrounds to photo references for content creation, these images have a variety of uses limited only by your imagination.
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