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3D Job Postings

Post and browse job postings for 3D modeling and related projects.

Views: 38 Replies: 0
Updated: Fri, Dec 01
Job Posting Will pay for Daz/Zbrush model creator for Tokusatsu heroine
By zpk1092
Views: 240 Replies: 14
Updated: Wed, Nov 22
Job Posting Will pay for someone to build me a volume calculator
By dim35
Views: 88 Replies: 3
Updated: Mon, Nov 13
Job Posting Looking for Daz Outfit Designer for some custom outfits
By gicashut
Views: 34 Replies: 0
Updated: Thu, Nov 09
Job Posting Looking for Marvelous designer artists
By marigold
Views: 125 Replies: 3
Updated: Thu, Oct 26
Job Posting Looking for Marvelous Designer/CLO3D artist(s)
By tien_jian_fei
Views: 185 Replies: 6
Updated: Sun, Oct 22
Job Posting Will work for Daz3D Product
By Tmraider
Views: 44 Replies: 1
Updated: Sun, Oct 22
Job Posting Pistol converted for Daz
By SludgeQueen
Views: 370 Replies: 2
Updated: Thu, Sep 14
Job Posting Searching for a 3d generalist for a paid tutorship
By Dissendior
Views: 44 Replies: 0
Updated: Wed, Sep 13
Job Posting Looking for DAZ character artist for Genesis 8 and 8.1 male
By FootCrushJoey
Views: 135 Replies: 6
Updated: Wed, Sep 06
Job Posting help for custom daz 3d model
By Shinobi021085
Views: 58 Replies: 0
Updated: Sun, Sep 03
Job Posting high resolution photos for 3D references
By Shinobi021085
Views: 37 Replies: 0
Updated: Wed, Aug 30
Job Posting Looking for quotes for a HIGHLY detailed fighter plane model
By tien_jian_fei
Views: 72 Replies: 1
Updated: Tue, Aug 29
Job Posting Genie Costume Items for Daz Gen8/9, Dforce
By OldNorth
Views: 80 Replies: 2
Updated: Mon, Aug 28
Job Posting Looking for 3D artist for clothes - Daz3d (conversion)
By vorador22
Views: 52 Replies: 1
Updated: Fri, Jul 28
Job Posting Aircraft Illustrations
By Robert Booth
Views: 106 Replies: 4
Updated: Wed, Jul 19
Job Posting Looking dor DAZ artist.
By jakeblake19999
Views: 150 Replies: 6
Updated: Fri, May 26
Job Posting G9 Model
By paulawbs
Views: 497 Replies: 5
Updated: Mon, May 15
Job Posting Looking for 3D artist for clothes - Daz3d
Views: 188 Replies: 1
Updated: Wed, May 10
Job Posting I want someone to creat this model
By Faisal f
Views: 82 Replies: 1
Updated: Sat, Apr 08
Job Posting Tekken Male Characters
By KuraiKya
Views: 174 Replies: 6
Updated: Mon, Jan 30
Job Posting I want a girdle
By dim35
Views: 182 Replies: 0
Updated: Sun, Jan 08
Job Posting Warhammer 30/40k 3D project looking for skilled devs..
By thudo
Views: 236 Replies: 1
Updated: Wed, Jan 04
Job Posting looking for a 3d character artist
By Grid
Views: 327 Replies: 1
Updated: Thu, Dec 15, 2022
Job Posting Looking for a DAZ3D artist to recreate Lucy from Edgerunners
By butznutz
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