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3D Job Postings

Post and browse job postings for 3D modeling and related projects.

Views: 461 Replies: 2
Updated: Wed, Jun 22, 2022
Job Posting Hiring 3D Artists for a unique photogrammetry project
By DavidHexa
Views: 464 Replies: 1
Updated: Thu, Jun 09, 2022
Job Posting [FULL TIME] 3D Modeler - Home Appliances / Home Electronics
By amadeus531
Views: 718 Replies: 2
Updated: Wed, May 04, 2022
Job Posting DAZ 3D Model Commission Request
Views: 562 Replies: 1
Updated: Fri, Mar 04, 2022
Job Posting Looking for an artist to create a detailed DAZ3d Character
By butznutz
Views: 1.7K Replies: 5
Updated: Mon, Feb 28, 2022
Job Posting Looking for Daz 3d Artist
By Renderhub1991
Views: 603 Replies: 4
Updated: Thu, Jan 20, 2022
Job Posting Skillful search 3d model maker
By Maudima75
Views: 611 Replies: 0
Updated: Wed, Jan 05, 2022
Job Posting Fellow DAZ 3D user, looking for DAZ creators for paid assignment
By Hypewon
Views: 649 Replies: 2
Updated: Sun, Dec 12, 2021
Job Posting Requesting to have this picture re-created
By Oop Ack
Views: 798 Replies: 0
Updated: Mon, Nov 01, 2021
Job Posting 3D Character Artist Creatures looking for projects in which he can contribute.
By OrnellaVout
Views: 812 Replies: 5
Updated: Tue, Oct 26, 2021
Job Posting 3D model of my super hero
By Martin13
Views: 652 Replies: 0
Updated: Mon, Sep 20, 2021
Job Posting 3D models of heavy mining equipment
By warden903
Views: 1.5K Replies: 2
Updated: Mon, Aug 23, 2021
Job Posting 3D clothing development for mature 3d game
By Von Pupkindorf
Views: 642 Replies: 2
Updated: Sun, Aug 08, 2021
Job Posting Black Cat Evil that Men Do Outfit for G8F needed
By gohanf22
Views: 779 Replies: 3
Updated: Mon, Jul 05, 2021
Job Posting urgently looking for a 3D-sculptor
By enemg
Views: 1.1K Replies: 3
Updated: Thu, Jun 17, 2021
Job Posting How to commission renders ?
By GrimarHorns
Views: 705 Replies: 7
Updated: Thu, Jun 17, 2021
Job Posting Searching for an artist to create a team.
By brg
Views: 749 Replies: 2
Updated: Fri, Jan 15, 2021
Job Posting URGENT Requesting a possible job/service for someone to make a video/gif for me for non-commercial use that I want to give to a friend as a gift to surprise them
By DragicAaron
Views: 691 Replies: 0
Updated: Mon, Dec 14, 2020
Job Posting Leroy Smith from Tekken 7
By Linkreincarnate
Views: 617 Replies: 0
Updated: Mon, Dec 14, 2020
Job Posting Nube Question: I downloaded a 3D model file. Who can make it for me?
By artistoag
Views: 1.6K Replies: 22
Updated: Tue, Dec 08, 2020
Job Posting Black Cat from Spiderman 2 on PS2
By mistercrowe
Views: 570 Replies: 2
Updated: Sat, Nov 07, 2020
Job Posting Model edit
By Gwyn78
Views: 492 Replies: 3
Updated: Mon, Jul 20, 2020
Job Posting Looking For A Snork (Rigged Character)
By Handyman454
Views: 559 Replies: 5
Updated: Mon, Nov 25, 2019
Job Posting V4 - BDU Camos Wanted
By Handyman454
Views: 579 Replies: 12
Updated: Sat, Nov 23, 2019
Job Posting stl , RESIZING ect
By jockcraw
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