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Home/3D Materials and Shaders/Metals/Gold/Easy Metal Iray Shader for Daz

Easy Metal Iray Shader for Daz

3D Materials and Shader by SF-Design
3D Materials and Shader

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Royalty Free for All Uses
This item comes with our Royalty Free License, which means you are not required to make any future payments after purchase, and you can use this item for personal or commercial projects of any kind for as long as you want. This license does NOT give you the right to resell or redistribute this item in it's original form or as a competing product.

3D Materials and Shader Details
Published:Dec 28, 2017
Download Size:59.2 MB
Software:Daz Studio

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Easy Metal Iray Shader for Daz

Easy Metal - Custom Shader for Iray

Setting up realistic and nice looking metals or metallic effects in Iray is sometimes not that easy.

This product includes a custom metal shader for the Iray render engine that enables you to set up different metals in any color and any metallicity easily.

Perfect for all kind of metals. High gloss metals, blunt metals, brushed and structured metals. All you need comes with this custom shader.

For basic metals only a few settings have to be made, like the metal color and the metallicity. In some easy steps you get your metal surface. Channels for bump and normal maps are available as well to use your own maps. Most channels support image maps too. More advanced settings are possible too, like outer layer effect, metallic flakes effect and glossiness adjustments. Tiling and Offset settings are available as well.

To quickly start there are 70 presets of realistic metals included (35 polished and 35 brushed metals), like Steel, Gold, Silver, Titanium etc. Several other presets for gradient effect metals, surface structure, glimmer effect etc. are included too.

A very versatile and useful custom shader that enables you to set up metals with ease.

As a little bonus two props are included: a safe and an ingot prop. There are several material presets for the ingot and the safe included.

What's included and features:

- Custom Shader for the Iray Render Engine
- Metal Shader

Shader Controls :

- Metal Color
- Metallicity
- Metal Roughness
- Metal Outer Layer Color
- Metal Outer Layer Strength
- Metal Outer Layer Roughness
- Metal Color Effect
- Metal Glossy Color
- Metal Glossy Strength
- Metal Glossy Reflectivity
- Metal Glossy Roughness
- Share Glossy Inputs
- Glossy Color Effect
- Metallic Flakes Color
- Metallic Flakes Weight
- Metallic Flakes Strength
- Metallic Flakes Roughness
- Metallic Flakes Size
- Metallic Flakes Density
- Metallic Flakes Color Effect
- Top Coat Color
- Top Coat Strength
- Top Coat Reflectivity
- Top Coat Color Effect
- Cutout Opacity
- Displacement Strength
- Min Displacement
- Max Displacement
- SubD Displacement Level
- Base Bump Map
- Normal Map
- Horizontal Tiles
- Vertical Tiles
- Horitontal Offset
- Vertical Offset
- Thin Walled (On/Off)

Shader Presets:

- Aluminium Brushed / Polished
- Beryllium Brushed / Polished
- Brass Brushed / Polished
- Bronze Brushed / Polished
- Cadmium Brushed / Polished
- Chrome Bright Brushed / Polished
- Chrome Dark Brushed / Polished
- Cobalt Brushed / Polished
- Copper Brushed / Polished
- Dolomite Brushed / Polished
- Gallium Brushed / Polished
- Gold 4K Brushed / Polished
- Gold 8K Brushed / Polished
- Graphite Brushed / Polished
- Lead Brushed / Polished
- Lithium Brushed / Polished
- Magnesium Brushed / Polished
- Mangan Brushed / Polished
- Nickel Brushed / Polished
- Palladium Brushed / Polished
- Platinum Brushed / Polished
- Quicksilver Brushed / Polished
- Rhodium Brushed / Polished
- Silver 555 Brushed / Polished
- Silver 885 Brushed / Polished
- Silver 999 Brushed / Polished
- Stainless Steel Brushed / Polished
- Steel Brushed / Polished
- Thallium Brushed / Polished
- Tin Brushed / Polished
- Titanium Brushed / Polished
- Tungsten Brushed / Polished
- Vanadium Brushed / Polished
- Wolframcarbide Brushed / Polished
- Zink Brushed / Polished

Options and Adjustment Presets:

- 8 Gradient Presets
- 10 Glimmer Effect Presets
- 8 Outer Layer Only Presets
- 8 Structure Presets
- 5 Structure Intensity Presets
- 7 Tiling Presets
- 5 Metallicity Strength Presets


- 1 Safe Prop
- 1 Ingot Prop
- 1 Safe Filled (with Ingots) Subset

Material Presets:

- 7 Materials for the Ingot Prop
- Bronze
- Gold 4K
- Gold 8K
- Platinum
- Silver 555
- Silver 999
- Titanium
- 2 Material Presets for the Safe Prop

Textures Included:

- 31 Diffuse/Bump/Normal Maps (2048x2048 up to 4096x4096)


- DAZ Studio 4.8+ (with Iray) or later

This product has been tested in DAZ Studio 4.9 (PC & Mac).
This product is for DAZ Studio only. Not tested in or recommended to be used with Poser.
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