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Easy Pecs for Genesis 8 Males

3D Figure or Asset by SF-Design
3D Figure or Asset
Item Details
Published:Nov 22, 2017
Download Size:89.4 KB
Software:Daz Studio
Base Figure:Genesis 8 Male
Textures: No
Materials: No
UV Mapped: No
Rigged: Yes
Animated: No

The Artist
Member Sice: 2017
Items Offered: 3
3D Artist since 2013, creating digital content for Daz Studio.
Customer Rating
Not Rated Yet
3D Figure or Asset Description
Easy Pecs - Pose and Morph Control for Genesis 8 Males

Sometimes it is needed to adjust and fine tune the male chest, depending what pose you are using or for other reasons.

This product comes with 35 additional control dials to adjust the chest of all Genesis 8 Male based characters.

Adjust the shape and position of each pectoral individually (great when you need different looking or posed pectorals, for certain poses) or both at the same time to suit your needs.
You can for instance make the pectoral bigger, smaller, wider, adjust the depth, move it into all directions and more. Custom morphs for Areola and Nipples are included as well.

Most Poses do not alter the pectoral area or only a little. With this add on you can do that to get for instance a natural sag of the pecs if needed or adjust the movement of the pecs depending on the pose used.

Useful when you have characters with a more developed chest for instance, or smaller flat chest or different nipple shapes and more.

This product can also be used to make the male chest of a character more or less developed to adjust the appearance to your needs.

Included Control Dials:

- Pec L + R L/R
- Pec L + R Length
- Pec L + R Scale
- Pec L + R Side by Side
- Pec L + R Twist
- Pec L + R Up / Down
- Pec L + R Up / Down 2
- Pec L + R Width
- Pecs Cleavage
- Pecs Developed (undeveloped)
- Pecs L / R
- Pecs Length
- Pecs Scale
- Pecs Side by Side
- Pecs Twist
- Pecs Up / Down
- Pecs Up / Down 2
- Pecs Width
- L + R Areola Puffy
- L + R Nipple Diameter
- L + R Nipple Large
- LR Areolas Puffy
- LR Nipples Diameter
- LR Nipples Large

Controls for Left and Right Side and both sides combined.

Depending on the used character results may vary.

- DAZ Studio 4.9 or later
- Genesis 8 Male Base Figure

This product has been tested in DAZ Studio 4.10 (PC & Mac).
This product is for DAZ Studio only. Not tested in or recommended to be used with Poser.