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Home/3D Models/Low Poly Models/Stones/Rocks/Real Rocks and Stones Pack 3D Model

Real Rocks and Stones Pack 3D Model

3D Model by DanRo|Watch Artist
3D Model

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Royalty Free for All Uses
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3D Model Details
Published:Sep 23, 2018
Download Size:3.7 GB
Game Ready: Yes
3D Scan: Yes
Textures: Yes
Materials: Yes
UV Mapped: Yes
PBR: Yes
Rigged: No
Animated: No

Included Formats
The Artist
Member Since 2018
Items Offered: 1 | Watch Artist
My first experience with developing was in year 2002 with Source engine with desire create something by myself. In the year 2003 i began my first experiences with Unreal engine. After a few single levels i was a helping on never finished game project Galactic Masters. In the year 2007 i join to CBP team, most awarded community of level designers for unreal series for continuing in popular CBP pack for Unreal Tournament 3. I create a few catalogues and prospectus for a few corporation, where i photographed or retouch all their stuffs too. On request i prepared an electronic catalog or animated video presentation. I've compiled a few web pages in css language. Since 2014 i work as consultant and later as level designer for small company in my country. I have various skil in various software: UE4, 3D Max, Allegorithmic, Zbrush, Photoshop, Speedtree AWARDS: DM-CBP3-Incapacitate - 3rd place for Best Deathmatch or CTF Level and honorable mention for Best Graphics in Map. CTF-CBP3-Antediluvian -2nd Place for Best Graphics in Map. WAR-CBP3-Midst - Finalist for Best Graphics in Map.
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Real Rocks and Stones Pack 3D Model

This pack include 13 rocks and stones in photorealistic quality together with six various foliages and five various layer textures in additional UE4 project. Pack include project for Unreal Engine 4.20, Unreal project include basic landscape material, vertex painter material with displacement and more, materials are full customized.

Source of all rocks and stones is available to separately download.

13 Photorealistic rocks and stones
65 Textures in 4k resolution, include Diffuse, Normal, AOR, Roughness, Occlusion

Andesite 1: Poly 6262 / Verts 3281
Andesite 2:Poly 5101 / Verts 2640
Andesite 3:Poly 6775 / Verts 3483
Andesite 4:Poly 7378 / Verts 3846
Andesite 5:Poly 7361 / Verts 3819
Andesite 6:Poly 7360 / Verts 3851
Stone Boulder 1: Poly 4116 / Verts 2060
Stone Boulder 2: Poly 2090 / Verts 1047
Stone Boulder 3: Poly 5094 / Verts 2644
Stone Boulder 4: Poly 2608 / Verts 1362
Stone Boulder 5: Poly 4940 / Verts 2568
Stone Boulder 6: Poly 3673 / Verts 1911
Stone Boulder 7: Poly 3474 / Verts 1817

Additionally for UE4:
6 Types of foliage: Berberis, Yarrow, Chrisanthema, Cornflower, Thyme, Grass
5 Types of layers textures: Soil, Moss, 2x Rocks, Combined
LOD and lightmap setting inside Unreal Engine
Customizable materials
Foliage material with customised color scheme
Stones material with moss switching
Basic landscape material with foliage function
Surface with vertex painting: Soil, Rock and Wetness
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