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The Vault (Der Tresor)

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Who is/wie is eigenlijk/wer ist eigentlich...

Hi, I'm Ephigenia Vlidd, I am born in january, 3rd 2000 in Krasnoyarsk/RUS and I grew up in Finland. In the age of 15 I went away from home after finishing basic-school because I couldn't afford a highschool to come closer to my imaginations of “a better life”. I went to The Netherlands, hoping to find some relations of my family there. I didn't find anyone but meat interesting people which influenced my further life. So in 2016 I began studying at Amsterdam AHK, the “Amsterdam Hogeschool voor de Kunsten” where I studied “Film- and Television Directorials”. I finished my studies in summer 2020 with the graduation of a Bachelor in Film. Now I'm continuing study for the master-graduation (so 1 more year to go).
Parallel I started volunteering at n.a.m.e.s.-Media NCV at the places Amsterdam/Netherlands and Buchholz/Germany. Due to my study I wantwed to learn the practical way of making pictures move, as films or 3D animations.
In january 2020 I got a very special birthday-present from my former boss, Fons Tulpe van Oranje, aka “de OuweKaleGrijze” – I got 51% of the company, so I am CEO of n.a.m.e.s.-Media NCV (1e voorzitter) which is transformed into a “Stichting” (Foundation) now. My work-function is “art-directrice” and I (try to) fill in all parts of making artistic movies in very special styles.
For my further future I want to study for my doctoral title after finishing the master. With having my master-graduation absolved, I am asked from DOKGVD (Tulpe) to take over the rest of the company also in summer/autumn of 2021.
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Item Details
Published:Mar 17, 2021
Download Size:153.1 MB
Software:Daz Studio
dForce: No

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The Vault (Der Tresor)

(c) VAULT The Old Dutch by n.a.m.e.s.-Media NCV

The "history"
This is "The Old Dutch", a vault ever made by The Vault Heavy Iron Works Industries Ltd. in Voyeurodam in 1888.

Made for...
It is quite simply made in DAZ Studio 4.12, from only Primitives because it was ever made for a TV-advertising-campaign of a food-brand, which was not realized. It should be to work in other editions of DAZ Studio, also.

The innser vault and the bars could appear in different colours at yours because they are made with Shaders which are maybe not installed at your version of DAZ Studio. Choose other colours then or look for "backwall inside" in the textures-file.

The manual
For the best result use "Vault 01.duf".
The door can be opened as a normal door in "Vault 01.duf" by choosing "OPEN-mech" in your Scene, then open it in "Y-Rotate". The mechanism is an unvisible cube. You can change it's unvisibility in Surfaces, but better leave it unvisible because it will disturb the view.
The hand wheel is turnable in "Vault 01.duf" but it will cause no effect on the door or it's bars itself. Herefore choose "OPEN-mech" -> "VAULT DOOR" -> "TURN-wheel" and turn the wheel by using "Y-Rotate".

Install the file "names-Vault" to My Library and, if necessary, install the contained file "Runtime" to Runtime then

For the case you should find some Dutch Gilders from around 1888 in the vault - keep them, maybe they will become valueable some day!

If something will not work properly, please let me know.


de OuweKaleGrijze by n.a.m.e.s.-Media. NCV