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Website feature idea / suggestion

Mon, Feb 11, 2019
by NaughtyStudio

Website feature idea / suggestion

Hey, I think it's really cool that you have HDRI's here and there look like some pretty nice ones. It would be super cool if yuo could implement a 360 viewer on to the product page so we could see the pano that way. Just an idea!!

Tue, Feb 12, 2019
by Foxy 3D
United States

That is a great idea. It would be nice to see them in 360 view. 

Wed, Feb 13, 2019
by blujuju


Wait, are these enviroments that I can load up into daz studio? Or what do i do with these?

Can I put my daz character into a scene like this somehow?

I am new to this whole 3D world so i'm sorry if this is s a dumb question. 

Thu, Feb 14, 2019
by NaughtyStudio


blujuju - Yes, you can! They are very easy to use, and your results may vary depending on what the final image is that your looking for. Here are a some links I found to help you learn how to get them into Daz. Have fun!!

Thu, Feb 28, 2019
by 3D Centric

Would be helpful if forum threads show who posted last or is that a setting I need to turn on somewhere?