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How does one promote their products better (CLOSED)

RAMWolffTue, Dec 03, 2019
Karma: 145
I've had two products in my store for a couple of months now. I see views and a couple of wish listed but no sales. Wondering if there is a magic dust I can sprinkle on the products to help make sales happen?

I was selling at Renderosity but they were SO strict in the in house beta testing that I decided to sell here. There I would have had sales by now as I have good quality products. Gino for DAZ Studio is set up to render in iRAY, 3DL and AWE for 3DL with fiber mesh bits and other extras.

I was told there would be a way to set up a sale price at some point in the future... perhaps that's the magic fairy dust my dear products need?

Thanks so much
Foxy 3DTue, Dec 03, 2019
Admin: 48,857
Hey there! Are you using any social media to promote your stuff?
I run the RenderHub group over at DeviantArt. If you're over there, please join our group. We have special sections to promote RenderHub vendors and their products.

I know of several vendors that are getting good results using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There are a whole bunch of other social media choices, many of which are in the footer right here on this site.
You can also get eyes on your products by posting some promo images right here in the forums. The owner recently created a new Product Showcase section.

You can also get some exposure by posting sample images in the galleries here, too.

Do you have any other products to upload? If so, the more products you have in your store will surely generate more views for all of your products store-wide.

As far as sales go. I know that's in the works. I'll let Ion (the owner) give us an update on that.

Good luck, and if you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask.
RAMWolffTue, Dec 03, 2019
Karma: 145
Thanks so much.

I do have some other products to finish up eventually but right now my Muse seems to be on vacation so I'm just waiting for her to return and get me revved up again.

I appreciate all the links. I'll for sure check things out. Perhaps I'll post a few renders in the gallery when time permits.


All the best,

Foxy 3DTue, Dec 03, 2019
Admin: 48,857
You're very welcome. I see that you did join our DeviantArt group. Cool! Feel free to submit images there whenever you get time. I added you as a friend over there, too...
I look forward to seeing what other products you come up with. Just try to promote yourself as much as you can - and as RenderHub grows, the sales will naturally come, too.
Take care, and if you have any other questions, just ask. We're pretty friendly around here.

Handyman454Tue, Dec 03, 2019
Karma: 1,226
What it boils down to is that no matter where you go, if you depend on the site to "advertise or sell" your product, you'll starve.
That's not what they're here for.
It isn't profitable for them and there's not enough time in the day for the 2 people who own the site to devote an hour much less 6 or more to advertising your business along with the other 100,000 vendors on the site.

If you're serious about making income from your work you'll have to develop an advertising campaign on your own.
Some sites will aid you by providing links and banners but you have to dig that up yourself too.
The site is there to provide you with a "free", high level storefront and maintenance (worth thousands of $'s ALONE), NOT to guaranty your personal success.

Think of it in the terms of opening a shop in a 100 story, 100,000 room building.
Every room on every floor in the building has a vendor in it. You are 1 in 100,000 vendors and every door to every vendors store in that building has the vendors picture (avatar) on it and the building owner advertises the BUILDING ONLY online, but that's all you get automatically from the Building owner (a.k.a. the site a.k.a. Renderhub).
The customer can see the building (Renderhub.com) from outside but they have no idea you're in there much less where you are.
That's up to you.
Buying exposure on a billboard outside the building will help the customer to find you inside the building and bring them directly to you rather than getting lost in the shops on the floors below you.
The billboard exposure in this case might be Facebook but most assuredly would include adds on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
The more you spend personally on advertising, the more people you'll get in your shop. The more people, the more sales but unless you advertise, all you'll get is what happens to stumble on you accidentally.
RAMWolffFri, Dec 06, 2019
Karma: 145
Thanks so much Foxy and Handyman.

Right now I'm preparing for my room mate to move out. I'm a very sensitive person so trying to find a replacement may take some time so extra cash right now for advertising and promoting just isn't there. My rent just went up and starting in Jan my internet will double as I chose a faster speed to be able to upload and download my packs to my beta testers faster so there's that expense as well. Living in California can really trip one up money wise at any given moment. Not making excuses just know that what money I do have goes for things like paying rent, utilities and food! LOL

When Miss Muse returns hopefully things will start moving in a positive direction in my CG life. I pray that the right person comes along to take be room mates with me. I'd rather live on peanut butter sandwiches than have some noisy, messy unconscious person living with me so it may take some time......... say a prayer for me! LOL

Happy Holidays to you both and thank you for the great advice.