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Frequent Buyer Program

dim35Sun, Feb 26
Karma: 607
Frequent Buyer Program
I as asked by Foxy 3D to present this as a separate topic. The idea is to have a Frequent Buyer's program. The goal is to reward your top buyers with discounts or rebates based on their purchases. However, instead of setting the rewards at a fixed level, you set it as a percentage. The advantage to the website is that only a fixed number of buyers will be able to reach these goals and you will be creating competition among your customers increasing over all sales.

No customer knows how much other customers are buying. So mentally they are thinking to themselves ... "If I buy this one extra item or these two extra items it might move me to a higher reward level" ... which is going to increase over all sales because instead of putting something on a wish list, the customers will be more inclined to make those purchases hoping to put them in a higher reward level.

The reward levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum. I have two ways to determine the reward levels :

Approach A:

Platinum = top 10% of sales
Gold = 10-20%
Silver = 20-30%
Bronze = 30-40%

or Approach B:

Platinum = top 5% of purchases
Gold = 5-10% of purchases
Silver = 10-20% of purchases
Bronze = 20-40% of purchases

The rewards need to make the next level desirable so I recommend the following

Bronze reward = 1%
Silver reward = 3%
Gold reward = 6%
Platinum reward = 10%

The rewards could also be done in one of two ways.

First Way : Offer a credit based on the previous month's purchase. Bronze would get a 1% credit, Silver a 3% credit, etc.

Or Second Way : offer a discount on the following month's purchases based on the level obtained. So a bronze member would get 1% off of everything. Silver would get 3% off, etc.
atl3dartistSun, Feb 26
Karma: 824
Honestly I think this overkill.

While I think RenderHub should definitely add a reward/ frequent buyer program all they need to do is add something like a "cashback" award like Renderotica does. 1 point is worth 1 cent. Heckuva lot easier to implement and keep track of.

Can even implement something like what Renderosity does and award different points to encourage participation.

Make a forum post? 0.1 point.

Post a product review? 0.4 points.

Upload an image to the public galleries? 0.2 points.

Buy a product that costs $10.00? Get 10 points

Buy a product that costs $4.00? Get 4 points.

Make the points expire at the end of the following from the month they were earned so people don't just accumulate a huge stash of points.

So if I earned 50 points in January and 100 points in February, I have 150 points I can spend in February, but if I don't 50 of them will expire the end of February leaving me with only 100 left come March. (This is what Kroger does with Kroger fuel points for example.)

Karma: 607
Mon, Feb 27
Well, if you want to keep it simple, that's one way of doing it but what does this website get in return? Nothing that I can see and therefore, why would they want to implement something where they don't gain anything from it and in fact lose by giving discounts to customers?

If they are willing to do that, then that is great because I am, after all, a customer!

But to make it more appealing to the website, my approach only rewards the top 40% of buyers AND it encourages purchases because buyers will want to get into those top tier levels to get something back.

Also, I don't see a reason for the rewards to expire. If you give me $10 back, it is to your advantage for me to keep it longer to claim it rather than to cash it in right away.
Karma: 824
Mon, Feb 27
Any incentive/ reward first and foremost should exist to convince the customer to spend more money. No point in reinventing the wheel in my opinion. The more complicated you make it the greater the odds for the reward system to actually break down. Even 1.5% cash back (like what credit cards offer) would be sufficient.

I'm not shitting on your idea. I think your idea is novel and worth considering by Renderhub. That's why I "+1 Seconded" it the first time you posted it. I also know that there are a ton of other feature requests on the site admin's list already (I know because I've made a few of those suggestions myself!) So which has better odds of being implemented? Something that's simple and quick to implement or something that is complicated that requires extensive coding, testing, QA, and bug fixing?

But apologies if you thought I was being a nay sayer. Wasn't my intent.
Karma: 607
Tue, Feb 28
I didn't take it in a negative way at all. I apologize if my comment gave that impression.
Karma: 6,561
I'd be fine with some sort of rewards program like you see on the other sites. Then you don't feel too bad about having just missed out on a sale, since you spent your way to a discount on a future item. I don't know if it should come with some sort of expiration date, like some places have.
Karma: 607
Tue, Feb 28
It's actually to the website's benefit if a reward is used later than sooner
Foxy 3DWed, Mar 01
Admin: 47,623
Thank you for your feedback, and for posting this new idea in the appropriate place.

Your idea is great, but like @atl3dartist said above, it should not be so complicated.
Right now, the coders are working on some new features for vendors (that will eventually benefit the customers).
After that, they will addressing some feature requests like yours.

In the meantime, if anyone else would like to provide feedback on this, please do.
The more people that request certain features, the quicker I see them get added.
Karma: 607
Tue, Mar 14
As of this very moment Solveig [ https://www.renderhub.com/caivu/solveig-for-g8f ] is selling for $11.60

A competitor is selling it for $10.87 but charging $0.65 tax bringing the cost of to $11.52 but they are giving a $0.77 credit toward future purchases which, in effect, brings the price down to $10.75

I hope this helps to illustrate the attractiveness of some sort of rebate program
Foxy 3D
Admin: 47,623
Wed, Mar 15
That's a good example. Thanks!
bikdingleWed, Mar 15
Karma: 8,470
I am both a vendor and a customer on RenderHub (I'm business partners with Causam3D)

I prefer a system be simple
I find Daz's complex and interlocked sales to be tedious
Their current expiring 'token' system does not fit well with my buying tendencies over there

Rotica's point system is straightforward
You get points and each is worth half a cent at time of purchase
But the points expire so you need to use them or loose them

Rosity's point system works better.
Points never expire and you use them to buy a gift certificate ($5/$10/$50) which does expire.
I can bank my points and not worry about it and when I go to purchase I buy a gift certificate and use that on my purchase.

I don't recall how that worked for the creative artist....I was less directly involved with interacting with Rosity when Causam3D was there and didn't look as closely at individual sales.
Foxy 3D
Admin: 47,623
Wed, Mar 15
Thanks for your feedback on this. I think simple is better, too.
guy91600Wed, Mar 15
Karma: 916
Generalizing the theme of the discussion, the topic is customer retention and how to reward loyal customers.
I see 3 ways to approach the subject:
*) the seller makes a discount on one or more products (this already exists on Renderhub "Store Coupons") for all Renderhub customers
*) the seller rewards his customers (all or only a few) in this case it is a system to put in place. The equivalent of the current "Store Coupons" but whose code is distributed by the seller to his customers
*) the site (Renderhub) implements a point system.
the points that can be acquired as a percentage of the amount spent on purchases, or for participation in the upload site of an image or intervention in a forum. In this case Renderhub being the only one to participate financially in the kitty it is normal that it decides alone how to feed it.
Foxy 3D
Admin: 47,623
Wed, Mar 15
"...it is normal that it decides alone how to feed it..."

LOL - I think that's what the owner is trying to determine right now.
Thanks for your feedback.
Karma: 6,561
How is this coming along? Thought I'd check in on this.
Foxy 3D
Admin: 47,623
Wed, Jul 19
This was actually discussed just the other day, but no word on the actual implementation.
It is still an open feature request, so additional feedback is certainly welcome.
DoroThee237Wed, Jul 19
Karma: 5,911
This post has just been put back at the top of the list and I have just read it again, finally one of the proposals amounts to granting a reduction according to a monthly karma!