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Could use flash sale discounts at 50-80% for a short period! (CLOSED)

DreamlightWed, May 17
Karma: 9,131
I see there are sales discounts at 10-40%, which is great, but I've found that very short sales of higher discounts (that don't happen too frequently and only for a few select items) are very successful. I would love additional sales options included, such as a flash sale type of stuff, like 1-2 days, 60-80% OFF for a few items only.
dieggomasamuneThu, May 18
Karma: 6,521
That's an awesome idea! We could use that to do a "Anniversary Sale" for example
Karma: 9,131
Fri, May 19
Hey, yeah, Anniversary sale sounds great too!
DoroThee237Fri, May 19
Karma: 6,712
In a forum there was a discussion dealing with reductions.
From memory, a reduction of such a rate is not in the philosophy of Renderhub.
there is a French expression "We don't make a donkey drink which is not thirsty"
What I mean is that if a product does not sell (and I have!) it is that
*) nobody is interested
*) the product is too expensive. It is true that if the product is too expensive a flash sale can trigger the purchase, but we obtain the same sale price by lowering the original price with a 40% discount
Karma: 9,131
Fri, May 19
You have a point, products that do not sell, won't sell much on sale either. That's just the nature of business. But that's not what I refer to here... Every single time I've had a 80% or even 90%, it sells like hotcakes (yes, for products that have sold well or semi-well). That's when you mix "sell well" with a price point you can't resist... Because of the scarcity of the sale being for a short period of time, and the lower price point, it's a no brainer... There is a back side to this. Doing it too often, or for the same products, would eventually "sell out". So, products must be older, like 6 months old to participate, and the sale must be short, plus, cannot be repeated in a certain amount of time... (for those products)
Causam3DFri, May 19
Karma: 9,159
I think this is more about the increased traffic than the sale price.
Karma: 9,131
Mon, May 22
It's both, for sure. But a sudden sale with a higher percentage can really surge the revenue.
DoroThee237Mon, May 22
Karma: 6,712
I just thought of one thing that can amount to the same as a temporary promo.
Make a bundle with the main object for sale and add a 2nd product of very low value. Sell this bundle only a few days with a very big discount. This can test the idea of increasing income.
Karma: 9,131
Wed, May 24
This is a great idea!
Emir20Wed, May 24
Karma: 2,682
thank you