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Notifications of sales and news

AutoflexMon, Jun 05
Karma: 508
Notifications of sales and news
Hi all! In the account settings, there is only one checkbox for notifications. I don't understand what its mean? I want to disable notifications on mail about sales, but still receive news about promotions, contests etc. Is it possible to do that, or does this single checkbox turn off everything, and it cannot be divided?
Foxy 3DTue, Jun 06
Admin: 47,623
From what I understand, the option is there to comply with email regulations. Either you want to receive emails from RenderHub, or you don't.
At this time, there is not a way to choose the types of emails you want to receive (or not receive).
I do already have a feature request for the coders and asked them to implement something like this.
I have added a link there to this thread. Thanks for your feedback!


If anyone else reads this and wants to add their support for it, please add your feedback here.
The more people we have that ask for things, the quicker I find they get done.
Hannes W
Karma: 16,003
Wed, Jun 07
4 me it is a good thing to be informed by mail. If I not wont 2 see somethin, simpy delete.
Only pick the 1 or 2 thing does not be woers 2 make a lot of programming and on the
end an overload on choices to confuses the user
My personly mind
DoroThee237Tue, Jun 06
Karma: 5,911
I indeed think that a checkbox for each type of notification is an interesting option. This avoids making a rule in the email client (not everyone knows how to do this)