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Black Cat from Spiderman 2 on PS2 (CLOSED)

mistercroweWed, Nov 18, 2020
Karma: 143
I have the 3d models of black cat from spiderman ps2 and the textures (I think).

Black Cat 3d models: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FQEmJ0 ... 5XtuJ/view
Textures for Black cat: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PkJgWt ... sp=sharing

Can anyone help me with smoothing the model, adding the textures to the model, and rigging it?
RxLnxWed, Nov 18, 2020
Karma: 1,493
Mister Crowe, esquire.

Sorry I cannot (not my forte`); however I am sure some of the others here may be able to help you. Be patient, because folks come and go according to their (home) time zones. Your request is being seen, but not yet by those who can do what you request.

RxLnxWed, Nov 18, 2020
Karma: 1,493
Dear Mister Crowe, esq.,

I just took a look at your rip. Not really good - probably because the PS2 is a low render quality to keep the gaming speed up.

The Cat is not really 3d ... more like 2.75d (bit flat/squashed).

Have you got a couple of pictures of her - because it might be a lot easier/faster to morph her face to an existing high-end poly (Vict4-6-7 or G8) in poser, then dress here in the correct clothing.

Face morphing is straight forward (three ways - last one takes a bit of time/few hours - others are real quick) 1. Just requires a direct facial - good quality (looking straight at the camera). 2. needs two pictures - say @ 15~20 degrees (slightly from the right) and 340~345% (slightly from the left) far to good quality image, to produce a better/more accurate face build. Last (takes a bit) needs a left face, direct face and right face (3 pictures) ... which produces a highly accurate face/head (using software that is special/not freely available ... I have a copy laugh - just need to find it).


mistercroweWed, Nov 18, 2020
Karma: 143

Here is what I could get picture-wise, Rick. Don't know if these will help or not
Foxy 3DThu, Nov 19, 2020
Admin: 48,844
Hey there.

I'm not sure if you absolutely need that version of her, and how much time you want to put into making it work, but here's another idea...



The outfit is set up and ready to be used on any Genesis 8 Female character.

If you're not a Daz Studio user, don't worry - the base software is free and pretty easy to get up and going.
mistercroweThu, Nov 19, 2020
Karma: 143
If possible, can the pictures be used as reference to make the 3d model?
RxLnxThu, Nov 19, 2020
Karma: 1,493
Waves at Ms Foxy (thank you for the assistance ... spent hours up at DA looking at Catwomen to get an idea of the facials - then getting sentimental about some of the early/great Catladies - first Batman TV series - that aired when your great grandmother was in grade school - Still got it wrong, because I was looking at/for the cat costume figure (PS2) that matched Hale Berry!)

Dear Mister Crowe, esquire.
As Foxy 3D demonstrated (being one of the clever types I mentioned) ... only took her a minute or two to find the correct outfit here.

I do not know, but doubt the outfit would include a G8 figure *.obj or *.3ds geometry (reference) file; simply because it is likely legally guarded (copyright, conceptright or intellectual property of DAZ/whomever).

Not necessarily a problem.

It is possible there are freebie geometry figures around that can be resized (up or down) to come close - or almost exact duplicate - of the G8 body size. [Hour maybe - once I find a figure]

Then it is simply a case of pairing the clothes to the figure. No great drama there either. [15 to 30 minutes - then play around to check movement/flex of joints, etc]

The legalese aspects are not a drama doing it this way; because I'll make some detail changes on the mesh - say do three of four single facet divides - in places you cannot easily see (for example between the toes. Ion would notice the double facets - but no one else would.

Simple terms: I pick a single facet - then split it in two - occupying the same space. Why do it for not artistic reason? ... Because if any item/thing has three distinct tangible differences to an original - legally it is considered 'different' (not worth trying to sue for breech of copyright, etc., because it will usually fail in court).

Anyway - plenty of options so no need to worry. Foxy and the others will know if there is a freebie geometry out there that we can use. If not - I'll modify something.

Will help if you could advise:
i). What software are you using to arrange or manipulate your figure? (Helps me know what format to convert the geometry to, and ancillary files required ... meshes and stuff - only take a minute or two).
ii). What is the power rating of your computer, CPU type/speed/ram, and its graphics card type/ram ... (impacts the capacity of the program to move/render the model - thus if low need to simplify the geometry files etc.).
iii). How do you plan to use the model? Still imaging/posing; in program animation, or as an animated character in a game, etc.? (These factors impact on what we do making/complexity of the figure).

Makes life much easier if we know.

I'm off for maybe twelve to eighteen hours (working/writing reports). Those reports help you too ... indirectly.
Why? Because in the next 48~72 hours various governments will be saying "We have a medicated treatment for the majority of 'long covid' cases ...". Well around 75% of the bad ones, which in turn are neurological (nerve) damage caused by the infection. Been working on that since February-March, with a mid November target (running several days late).

mistercroweFri, Nov 20, 2020
Karma: 143
I was planning to use the model as a ped model for GTA5. Personal use only, that would be all.

My computer has 32gb ram ddr4, 1070 gtx 8GB GPU, Asus motherboard i7 core. 550w psu, closed cooling CPU fan.
RxLnxFri, Nov 20, 2020
Karma: 1,493
Dear Mister Crowe, esq.,

Good amount of power there (gaming system), and as its using DDR4 - means the CPU (iCore7) is a quadcore or better. These specs are important in 3D/CAD because each individual facet (segment) of any poly/mesh/figure - is the space bounded by 3 vertices (reference points) ... or more. Used to be just 3 or 4 (late 1990s). These days a lot of complex figures have 'multipoint' facets (~5>9), however the thing is all move relative to each other, with the computer CPU doing the calculations and placement for each point continuously - which in maths and memory load can be huge.
As mentioned before - PS2 figures are low poly (reduced segment/simplified segment), to cut down on the resource load on the computer, OS and memory ... at each increment of character movement ... in order to sell their product to a broader base (customers/users) with older or less powerful systems.
Thing is .. just needed to be sure your system could handle the figures (it can)

I know Grand Theft Auto is a good/popular game ... but beyond that nothing. Never seen it running, nor had time to play it.

I assume it has a capacity or option to import a functional 3d/CAD figure or 'sprite'; thus your interest in doing this with Black Cat or a parallel/clone exactly like 'Back Cat' - who might be called 'Black Kat' or 'Kitty-Noir'.

Now the thing with these figures is the size/scale that the game/application accepts ... because that impacts/controls the size/scale of the mesh, skin , render and other linked resource files required for the figure to look and move correctly.

Thus I need know:
i). Does GTA have a figure/sprite import instruction manual/PDF - that tells us the figures size and specification? I it does - please copy the text and post it - or upload the instruction PDF;
ii). Does GTA have a dummy or mannequin - as a character sizing guide - exportable to 3d file format. *,obj preferred, but the common files like *.3ds, *.dsx, etc. are OK/can be converted;
or - if answer at ii) is "No";
iii). Can you export (not 'rip') to 3D file, one of the character sprites from your game - which we can use as a size/scale model?
iv). Finally - once we get the figure size/scaled correctly - are there any clothing/footware/accessories improvements you would like to your version of "Black Kat" (do that in the figure construction, then mesh and skin assembly stage).
for example - the figure Foxy 3d showed you is a huge improvement on the screen capture images you provided. I think her boots (heels) are clumsy - so we can swap those for knee-high stilettos. Maybe you'd like a different or unique eye colour, rings, ear-rings, etc. We can do that at the same stages. Similarly you might have a favourite actress - provide an image (front facial) and we can modify the output to look very much like your favourite star.
Let me know if you want character, dress, accessories modifications and the type/description desired.
Go here, download and install: "Wings 3D". This is a good, free, introduction level 3D-CAD Editor.
By installing and looking at this program, you will understand better what-for/why we ask things and how we see/model things/characters/projects.


mistercroweFri, Nov 20, 2020
Karma: 143
perhaps a xnalara .mesh/.xps model would be easier to do. I have included a link to a ped model for gta v for scale.
OpenIV is the program used to change GTA V files and to install ped models in the mod folder. I am not sure about importing them into GTA V. Most of the ped modders use Zmodeler3.
Tutorials for Ped models GTA V:
&feature=emb_title" target="_blank">

" target="_blank">

" target="_blank">

" target="_blank">
In improvements of Black Kat, you can change the heels to the knee high stilettos. Light green eye color and simple silver earrings.
Thank you so much.

Mister Crowe

RxLnxSun, Nov 22, 2020
Karma: 1,493
Dear Mister Crowe, esq.,

I had looked at and read most of those articles, because in background I needed do a lot of reading/research about GTA and the XPS (old Windows attempt to make a PDF competitor {Vista inbuilt}, to take business from Adobe {Acrobat} - was discontinued/sold-off in 2006. No further development/programming has been done on it for ten years. Basically it was an (Microsoft) experiment that failed; however clings to life through Sony's 2002>2004 core game development assets. This means Sony game developers used it for the early PS2 games in the GTA class/type. The games themselves will include cross-compatibility and back-ward compatibility scripting (internal code); however they would not have been using it for coding game characters/items since 2004~5. I believe via a friend they might be using Maya these days.

Like you, I wondered if it may be easier to do it in the XPS native mesh platform Sony was using (PS2~PS4). Having looked at these articles and some others, it is far easier to do it the way we are approaching it.

Current Approach is make the figure in a proper, cross-platform friendly, full body figure/mesh/spine {spine is old-fashioned way of saying 'rigged'}; with all the required ancillary files {skin, hair, eyes, etc.}; then once the figure is complete - scale it to match the existing game figures.
Once scaled - then we can convert the finished figure/files to a format GTA can import.
Part of the reading/research was to see if GTA could import/how, and what formats were required. I have been doing that while looking at the model.scale.

I have also managed to find/download some GTA add-on items/characters (3rd party). Have not looked at those just yet. I will when I get the model/figure right - then ready to scale to the correct size - so they match the rest of the game.
I also need look at those add-on sprites to check something.
What I want to check is the "3D" characteristics.
The 'rips' you did showed what we call "low poly" files/figures - but was actually "very low poly" - for the reasons mentioned before = smaller size, thus smaller maths processing, means works on older-smaller-limited computers or game consoles.
I also said the 'rips' were not true/full "3D" - because the figure is squashed/reduced (65~75%) on the X-Z tangent or vertex. Thus it is really two point two five or two point three dimension (2.25D>2.3D)- as opposed to full three dimension (3D).
I did not assume - your technique, method or application of whatever was used to 'rip' the figure was wrong or flawed.
Instead I thought - why would Sony do that - if intentional?
Answer is the same as very low poly figures. But reducing/squashing one tangent, it greatly reduces the processing load.
Because it is the X-Z aspect ... for cars and figures they will look full/realistic in frontal movement mode, and sideways movement mode ... however jumpy/blocky if looking 45', 135', 225' and 315' aspects.
We are also thinking 2001-2002 technology and low-end computing, because the PS2 consoles were not full function/power computers - and the games were designed/exclusive-to Sony consoles for at least five years. They are low power, low resource designed.
I suspect (do not yet know) the 'squashed' poly (2.25D figure) may be intentional/deliberate. If so - it would explain why it is so difficult/almost not way/no software or programs ... that allow users to design and import their own characters.

As stated - I do not know ... yet.
If the poly/figure is squashed - then after completing and scaling the replacement figure - then I will "squash it" (reduce the scale down, on the X-Z tangent/aspect); then attempt to smooth the resulting polygons/figure. Prefer no to - if it can be avoided.

Another reason for looking at those third party figures/sprite add-ons ... the the default model position. It in 99% likely to be the "T" body configuration ... which suits me because I am modifying a Victoria/MLW 1 figure/polygon - which is the "T" default (circa 1998~2000) for early Poser programs.
Most modern 3D programs/apps use a "A" default model position (just for information - not something you need worry about).

In conclusion - thank you for posting those links, because it shows you are thinking and helping (appreciated). While I looked-at/read most of those, I did not see all of them.

I will take a look at those I have not found/looked at.

I am glad you want the spiked heels. Agree simple silver ear rings are best/most likely what Black Cat would wear; and that the eye (iris) colour should be green (like proper cats).



RxLnxMon, Nov 23, 2020
Karma: 1,493

I have downloaded and installed several programs that claim they can edit or import/export figures in a GTA V format - however all (several are Russian mod programs) require a local machine folder installation of GTA. V was too big to download reasonably quickly, so I have got a IV (still massive slow download - but it is here/done) and will use it to anchor the mod-programs.

Interesting things I've found in researching this are:
GTA was first released as a stand-alone DOS program (1990's), then ported to Windows 95 (CD). Was going to be ported to Apple and Nintendo, but talks broke down, then they did PS2.

I always thought it started on PS2 ... Learn something new every day.

mistercroweMon, Nov 23, 2020
Karma: 143
Thanks for the update, Rick. I appreciate it.
RxLnxWed, Nov 25, 2020
Karma: 1,493
Dear Mister Crowe,
Just letting you know your not forgotten. Been a bit busy with work and the monthly Windows update (associated issues) always slow things down a bit. Also spent some time talking with the (nice) folks at Epic Games, today - originating on your requests/format conversion, importing, etc.

Mesh/polys for the base figure are pretty much complete (not yet scaled/do that last). Have a body suit, but need to make a fur collar/bust V, then a zipper and ring-pull (like an ejector handle - for if she need go to the toilet). Basic boot done, but need style the heels. Been trying to find the right hair-do; but think I might (easier) just make a custom *.obj for that too - as the texture and mesh will be mostly the same as for the fur/collar.

Mesh and texture follow completing the *.obj's (dead snap/half a day).

Once done - just scale her, then export her to a format you can use. Have not yet installed GTA (need it for some of the mod programs, to make sure the import works, etc.). Will do that after the mesh and textures/scaling ... probably on the weekend.

Reason for doing it this way - is because it is how I used to do it/easiest for me. Also the figure is fully splined/boned (my/old language) or 'rigged' (current terminology), meaning she can move, pose, be articulated (*.obj accessories linked to relevant body parts) ... without being tied/limited to a specific program or application. Main reason is it gives you optimum flexibility in the future (if you want to change her or port her into another game/later version).

Anyway - getting there slowly. More than a few people (other sites/forums) claimed it was not possible (laugh).
RxLnxWed, Nov 25, 2020
Karma: 1,493
Dumb - dumb - dumb - dumb (I'm an idiot!).

Dear Mister Crowe,
I was wandering the site (Renderhub) looking for things to answer another question/inquiry ... when I found this (by Rip Van Winkle)


It should slot straight in - no more waiting. Only thing is she has hands/feet that are rather cattish and probably ruin your upholstery!

I will still finish the project, but if you're happy with the model above - at leisure, rather than haste.

Meant to say I really like your Avatar. Maybe when I recover from being extremely stupid - I might do a Mister Crowe figure.


RxLnxWed, Nov 25, 2020
Karma: 1,493
- Addendum -

In my hunting around I found this also - trueSpace 7.6.1 (Caligari). I used 5.1 - years ago (very good and moderately priced); however the company got in a financial bind, then sold trueSpace to MicroSoft as a starter platform and content editor for the now defunct XPS experiment.

Thing is MicroSoft put it up/out for free. It is good, and powerful - thus a good starting software to learn creating your own content.

Download link is:

Also - if you scroll to the bottom of this page you will see lots of additional site links (for here/RenderHub).

Third column from the right, four down ... looks like a good place to visit - unless you're really, really dumb {laugh}. Was thinking 'why stop with one' - grab several.


mistercroweWed, Nov 25, 2020
Karma: 143
That figure of black cat from spiderman edge of time wouldn't work for the model. I would love if you did the figure of my icon; however his name is Blackbird. Thanks for all the hard work you are doing on the Black Kat Model.
RxLnxThu, Nov 26, 2020
Karma: 1,493
Dear Mister Crowe,

Thanks - removes half the "Dumb" score (reduced to two "Dumbs"). I'll get back to working on your Black Kat - will be mostly over the weekend.

Rick (the slightly less dumb, version).
mistercroweThu, Nov 26, 2020
Karma: 143
I found this suit by a guy who does suits for V4. Black Cat costume for Poser by Terrymcg on DeviantArt. $10 has to be donated to his paypal, but i believe it is very close to the PS2 black cat's suit. Donate (paypal.com)
RxLnxSun, Nov 29, 2020
Karma: 1,493
Dear Mister Crowe,

I'll take a look (just need to see it) - have Victoria 1, 2, 3, 4 (6?), 7 & maybe 8 ... definitely V4. Got several Victoria catsuits - so its just comes down to sizing them.

Update (just looked) - That looks like a (spandex or black cotton) ferret suit! Don't know too many cats who you could get to wear that (laugh).

Anyways - I have some things for you to mess about with/look at*; but need work-out the best way to do it.

I could upload them as a zip here, but will not because its wrong. I mean the upload is for general shares and this is for you, so its kind-of taking advantage ... which I won't do.

Option 1. Is to put them up on Mega, give you the link and let you download them.
Option2. If you scroll up and look left at MisterCrowe or RxLnx, under the icon is an envelope ... meaning direct on site messaging (private).
Message me there and I'll send you my direct email; then email me an mystic or subtle message: like "The Crow wants the goodies right now!" then I will try to send them as email attachments. Problem there being many/most email hosts limit attachments (size of).
Option3. {smile} Not all torrents/torrent sites are "evil". We've got one for moving big files (data/engineering stuff, etc) around the place. I can put it up on our torrent server ... which is likely the easiest solution. Depends on your answer below:

Probably end-up with a cloud host (option 1) or Torrent (option3). Thing is - what file size (download) is convenient for you?

Different folks have different connection speeds, download limits and things like that. I will break the files down to the nearest multiple of what you say in Megabytes.
5 Mb blocks, 10Mb blocks, 15Mb block ... etc ... up to 100Mb. I think Mega and others have a limit of 100 to 250/week. Torrent is no limit. Thing is what can you manage (downloading).

mistercroweSun, Nov 29, 2020
Karma: 143
Mega would work.
RxLnxWed, Dec 02, 2020
Karma: 1,493
Dear Mister Crowe, esq. (Dec2, 6.00am).

Hi - bad days just got worse.
A neighbour passed away and I need help her family with that (arrangements, sorting and shifting/selling her stuff, plus advising all the folks/agencies that need advising).

Black Kat folder - model.

The is the project in progress (75~80% done), provided to demonstrate where the project is (progress line).

*.obj format is the medium-high polygon industry standard. The older DFX format was for low to medium poly structures, and not too complex engineering/architecture work.

All CAD/3D started-out in architectural and engineering application - mid 1970s (began with DFX) through mid 1980s (obj introduced mid-late 1980s).

The idea of an animated figure/body started 1987-88 and became reality in the early 1990s (Zygote Poser program/Epic game engine). Before and during this period - games that had moving sprites (figures) were simple animated GIF images - using a program called Gif89 Workshop (developed by my friend Paul, at Photodex, Huston), subsequently called GWS, then shifted to compupic when the JPG standard was agreed/released.

- that is back ground detail.

When gaming developers started using animated figures, they wanted to own and control those figures, thus started using obscure and in-house 3D file codes - frequently just changing the file extension; however making it difficult to import, export and translate the files/code.

GTA were doing this from the start.

Added complication (complexity) is the files/code vary slightly across platforms.

The very top/best Moders (modifiers - or real world game hackers) set out to write programs that could get around these limitations; however - the tools those guys and girls made are rare, hard to find, and not 'user friendly' - in that they are designed for hard-core coders (programmers), for the use of hard-core programmers ... difficult for even basic to medium trained programmers.

GTA uses Yfd and Ydd file format; which was largely exclusive in the early 2000's.

It has been all but extinct in other gaming and computer use since 2004 (last release of publicly available editing software).

Bottom line is - the base files, structure and associated software are over sixteen years old.

To get around this - in the tools folder, I have included one of the very rare Moding tools - that is necessary to work with GTA *.Yfd and *.Ydd files.

What it does is converts the raw Ytd & Ydd files into DFF (*.dff) files.

There is a program (not tested yet) that can convert DFF files to *3ds or *.3dk; plus another that is supposed to be a Blender plug allowing direct import of *dff files (also untested).

The blogs and wikki's on both these tools - indicate they were 'buggy' (unstable) in 2004 and had problems - back then.

They were designed for Windows systems running Win95-98SE and XP. The first two had/assumed partial DOS cross handlers, and were FAT32.

Upwards of Vista (win 7, 8 & 10x + NT, Server, etc.), the OS is not DOS nor very DOS friendly, file locations are radically different, and the storage is NTSC.

In old machines/OS's ... you had two boot-up files (DOS/Fat32 related) called Autoexec.bat and Config.sys.

These two files told the computer - and programs running on it:
a). Where the core DOS handler app's were, and set the control parameters for the same;
b). The directory order and function sequence of the same.
{did a lot more - but that's what impacts us now}

The program files for handling/converting Ytd/Ydd/Dff and other GTV 3d files require those files/directors - to function and/or function properly ... assuming they were stable and functioned properly in 2004.

They did not. The X-Z tangent scrambler issue (bug) - that made your original character rips 2.25D (75% squashed on the XZ vector) - was the last and latest active comment on these tools ... and that was 2004. The bug was not fixed (that tool/software) it remains to be seen if the Blender plug-in can act as a substitute.

Later is problematic and fingers crossed. Why - because it was designed for Blender 2.7 (very old version). Blender is very good, open platform and usually backward compatible ... however in computer graphics and engineering Ytd, Ydd and Dff code is long gone/long dead (more than 15 years). As such - they would not rate a compatibility consideration.

I do not know yet, because I have not tested them.

Keep in mind the start time - November 18 - and what is involved.

I have downloaded and reviewed in excess of 40Gb of data and programs inside of 12 days.

Done 75% of your character - albeit in *.obj format (because of cross-convertibility).

Already looked at and tested over fifty (50) programs associated to GTA-V sprites, etc. Probably spent 48 hours reading and researching. Another 24 hours talking to people (Epic games development, etc.).

No great drama - because it is an interesting challenge; however understand a mountain of work has been done on this - all in parallel.

1005 Mb file.

In there are all the variations of Black-cat and Cat-woman type variables - specifically made for GTV (various); plus some similar characters shape and size. Many characters require the base "MP" character model, or are variations of a unique/crafted character model ... thus the base model or character involved has also been provided.

As mentioned in the covering messages/emails - I got distracted (talking to people, while I was doing your stuff) while transferring the sorted files to a folder to zip. Then they got lost and I had to find them again - using a date-time search. That process found the files (within a specific time window) but messed-up the order/sorting.

I had to send them in that order, because I had run out of time around half a day earlier (other urgent stuff to do, and caught the flu/not CV19).

Also mentioned - there is a program/application that is a cross-platform converter for GTV characters/sprites.

This makes the (output) character sprite loadable across GTV platforms (PS2, PS4, Windows, Apple, etc.) and versions (3, 4 & 5).

Which program? Do not remember just at the moment, because I have looked at so many. Go to the GTV 'garage' discussion group and search for converters.

The files that have *.ytd and *.ydd files (plus others) in the folder (after unzipping) are GTV character files. The converter will allow you to convert those you like, then import them to your game.

Me? I will finish Black-kat as an *.obj (6 hours of work); then scale her. Once scaled I will try converting her (reason I have been researching conversion software).

Further difficulty there is many links I have found to very old software/apps are 'dead links'. The host severs no longer exist, or the files are gone because no one was downloading them (redundant).


mistercroweTue, Dec 08, 2020
Karma: 143
Any updates?