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UV Test Images

Free 3D Texture by Nocrurnal Animations
3D Texture

NOTE: digital download, not a physical item
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3D Texture Details
Artist:Nocrurnal Animations
Published:Mar 19, 2018
Download Size:63.9 KB
Dimensions:1,024 x 1,024
Diffuse Map: No
Bump Map: No
Normal Map: No
Displacement Map: No
Albedo Map: No
Height Map: No
Specular Map: No
Gloss Map: No
Roughness Map: No
Metallic Map: No
Occlusion Map: No
Emissive Map: No
Transparency Map: No

Included Formats
Portable Network Graphics:.png
The Artist
artistNocrurnal Animationsflag
Member Since: 2018
Items Offered: 4 | Watch Artist
Hello and my name is Jason, Now you might be thinking, "why is he selling all this random stuff" Well I have an answer for for that question, and that is because I am an animator. Like making movies, you wind up making a lot of props for an animation, a lot of them are still good after the first time you use them, but just don't fit in any video you have planned to make. A whole 3D environment that you only used part of, that teddy doll that your character sleeps with, that cat that you are sure that you are never going to need to have on set again because you will not most likely be animating one for a long time. All these "Used assets" could be used again by someone else. and I hope that you can get some use out of them like I have after I made them.
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User Ratings
stars5 Ratings
Dec 19, 2018
Dec 10, 2018
Dec 01, 2018
Very nicey! Many thanks
Nov 15, 2018
very handy - thanks
Sep 08, 2018
Very useful. Thanks!

UV Test Images

A set of three images that I created that can be used to test UV maps to determine if the islands are facing the direction that you want them to be, if the amount of stretch of the image is acceptable, and to determine if there is any size differences between any of the UV "Islands", if that is acceptable as well. Generally these are something good to have all around and I have a copy of them in all my project folders.
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