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Home/3D Models/Mid Poly Models/Characters/Female Characters/Naked Girl Animations Pack 3D Model

Naked Girl Animations Pack 3D Model

3D Model by Noker|Watch Artist
3D Model

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Royalty Free for All Uses
This item comes with our Royalty Free License, which means you are not required to make any future payments after purchase, and you can use this item for personal or commercial projects of any kind for as long as you want. This license does NOT give you the right to resell or redistribute this item in it's original form or as a competing product.

3D Model Details
Published:Feb 14, 2019
Download Size:3.6 GB
Game Ready: Yes
3D Scan: No
Textures: Yes
Materials: Yes
UV Mapped: Yes
Rigged: Yes
Animated: No

Included Formats
The Artist
Member Since 2019
1 Watching
Items Offered: 35 | Watch Artist
Degree in architecture, graphic design, I have passion for 3d and design.
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Naked Girl Animations Pack 3D Model

Naked Girl1 Animations Pack

Naked Girl1 Animations Pack model ready for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), games, Postproduction, Photomanipulation and other real-time apps.

Pack with 90 Animations!

Low-poly. Rendered 3ds Max. All textures are included. The textures of the model are applied with UV Unwrap. Units used: Meters, model is 1.70m tall.

2K textures!!!!


1.-180 Turn W_ Briefcase 2.-Being Carried 3.-Bellydancing 4.-Can Can 5.-Catwalk Idle 6.-Catwalk Idle To Twist L 7.-Catwalk Idle To Twist R 8.-Female Laying Pose 7 9.-Catwalk Idle To Walk Forward 10.-Catwalk Idle To Walk Forward Crossed 11.-Catwalk Idle To Walk Forward HighKnees 12.-Catwalk Idle Twist L 13.-Catwalk Idle Twist R 14.-Catwalk Sequence 01 15.-Catwalk Sequence 02 16.-Catwalk Sequence 03 17.-Catwalk Sequence 04 18.-Catwalk Sequence 05 19.-Catwalk Twist L To Twist R 20.-Catwalk Twist L To Walk 180 21.-Catwalk Twist R To Twist L 22.-Catwalk Twist R To Walk 180 23.-Catwalk Walk 24.-Catwalk Walk Crossed Stop 25.-Catwalk Walk Forward 26.-Catwalk Walk Forward Arc 90L 27.-Catwalk Walk Forward Arc 90R 28.-Catwalk Walk Forward Crossed 29.-Catwalk Walk Forward HighKnees 30.-Catwalk Walk Forward Turn 90L 31.-Catwalk Walk Start Backwards 180L 32.-Catwalk Walk Start Backwards 180R 33.-Catwalk Walk Start Turn 180 Left 34.-Catwalk Walk Start Turn 180 Right 35.-Catwalk Walk Stop 36.-Catwalk Walk Stop Twist L 37.-Catwalk Walk Stop Twist R 38.-Catwalk Walk Turn 180 Tight 39.-Catwalk Walk Turn 180 Wide 40.-Catwalk Walking 41.-Chicken Dance 42.-Crazy Gesture 43.-Crying 44.-Drunk Idle Variation 45.-Dwarf Idle 46.-Start Walking 47.-Stop And Start Walking 48.- Stop Walking 49.-Goofy Running 50.-Holding Idle 51.-Idle 52.-Idle 2 53.-Jog In Circle 54.-Jogging 55.-Jump 56.-Jump 2 57.-Kiss 58.-Laying 59.-Laying Breathless 60.-Laying Idle 61.-Laying Idle 2 62.-Laying Sleeping 63.-Left Strafe 64.-Left Strafe Walk 65.-Left Turn 66.-Left Turn 90 67.-Look Around 68.-Loser 69.-No 70.-Pacing And Talking On A Phone 71.-Right Strafe 72.-Right Strafe Walk 73.-Right Turn 74.-Right Turn 90 75.-Run Look Back 76.-Running 77.-Sitting And Pointing 78.-Sitting Clap 79.-Sitting Idle 80.-Sleeping Idle 81.-Sleeping Idle 2 82.-Standing Clap 83.-Standing Up 84.-Talking On Phone 85.-Texting And Walking 86.-Victory Idle 87.-Walk In Circle 88.-Walking 89.-Walking 2 90.-Wheelbarrow Walk


Including OBJ(not animated), FBX, DAE and FBX for Unity formats.

12,210 polygons 13,148 vertices

Each model has been tested in each format of various software.


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