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Head Bust 3D Model

3D Model by Tomations
3D Model

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3D Model Details
Published:Feb 03, 2018
Download Size:7.5 MB
Game Ready: No
3D Scan: No
Textures: Yes
Materials: Yes
UV Mapped: Yes
PBR: Yes
Rigged: No
Animated: No

Included Formats
The Artist
Member Since: 2017
Items Offered: 12 | Watch Artist
I am Mieren Taylor, I'm also Tom Taylor, and to the astonishment of an infinitesimal portion of my audience, I am Tom of Tomations. My three identities might seem initially confusing to those who have names like Jason, John, or Mark, but when you live your life being bombarded with requests to repeat your name and or spell it out; you tend to develop an alias or nickname. Fortunately, I had a convenient anagram with my initials being M.O.T. I am lucky enough to be a freelance general animator. I have and continue to work on various group projects as an animator, modeler/ 3Dsculptor, 3D character rigger, general 3D rigger, CG lighting and texture artist, storyboard artist, concept artist, digital artist, and Project manager. Now full disclosure, to most in the 3D world this is a rather typical spread of skillsets. We must be able to create full scenes which means being a photographer, director, artist, and IT crew all in one. Many us have become highly specialized, including myself. I specialize in problem solving. Having in depth knowledge of most 3D skillsets; I can complete tasks with cross discipline solutions, thus I am considered a general animator.
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Artist's Website: tomations.comlink
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Head Bust 3D Model

While I would absolutely suggest that heads be modeled before using sculpting to create the detail I am actually pleased with this result. I can see the potential for retopping this model. I only went 3 subdivisions in, therefore it is not very high poly in comparison, but it does have a measure of realism.
This sculpt can be used as a low poly or high poly bust since the multires is still applied.

This model was made in Blender and is only meant to work in Blender. As such some features may not be included in 3ds Max, Maya, or any other 3D Software. In other software.

Polygons: 1,742
Verts: 1,792
Samples: 128
Software: Blender 2.79

Resources and references used
- Head reference images
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