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smart materials for 3d coat and substance painter

Sun, Mar 03, 2019
by matt69

smart materials for 3d coat and substance painter

new here, nice website. saw all the talk about 3d coat and substance painter and appreciate the infos from everyone. 

quick question, can a package of smart materials that say for substance painter be used for 3d coat? are they setup the same? new to this 3d painting thing and not sure about it all. like some other guys posted here i'm trying to decide between the 2 but leaning towards 3d coat, but seems to be more materials abailable for substance painter. 


Wed, Mar 06, 2019
by JohnnyLuck777


I only use Substance, so I can't tell you for sure. But Substance Painter smart materials end with .spsm and I'll bet you can guess what that stands for. 

Wed, Mar 06, 2019
by 3D Centric

No, or not to my knowledge. However, textures are of course interchangeable, allowing you to build materials in each application. Note though that Smart Materials in SP are vastly different to 3D Coat's, since SP smart materials can be built to offer various parameters, where 3DC's Smart Material can only be built with the parameters it already offers. Hope that makes sense.

One thing I haven't mentioned regarding 3DCoat is that tutorials and resources i.e. materials, etc...are not as abundant as SP (as you pointed out), which is a shame. There are a few people on YouTube that make some sort of effort. Like anything though, once you get stuck in to it and work through issues, you will learn. They are helpful though at 3DC forums, same with SP.

Fri, Mar 08, 2019
by matt69


thats exactly what im finding out so thank you very much for your help.