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Displaying The Model On Utube

Sun, Sep 15, 2019
by Handyman454
United States
Displaying The Model On Utube

I'm looking for direction in Displaying The Model.

I had a pre-buy edition of marmoset and I loved the results I got for even a brand new user. But now the free part has expired and although I want to buy into the toolkit as advertised, I need time to fund the purchase.

In the mean time, I have seen people use U-tube to display their models.

Is there any literature on how to create a Utube display for my models available?

Are there any drawbacks in this venue?

Thu, Sep 19, 2019
by Foxy 3D
United States

Hey there,

I'm not sure exactly what you're asking for when you say "Displaying The Model". Are you looking to create an animated 360° turntable style video of your model?

If so, you can do this in Daz Studio. Here's a quick tutorial I found:

I have not used this myself, but there's a product in the Daz store that does this:

Here's a video demo of that product:

I don't know if the following tutorials are any good, but a quick Google search for doing this in Blender gave me these results:

I hope that helps.  

Thu, Sep 19, 2019
by Handyman454
United States

Tremendous help F3D!
Thank you.

Fri, Sep 20, 2019
by Foxy 3D
United States

My pleasure. I hope it works for you.  :-)

Sat, Sep 21, 2019
by Handyman454
United States

I actually looked at all the links and then with the tutorial help of the Versluis site (1st link) created a turntable animation in Daz. It's not viewer rotation or zoom controllable like Marmoset is but for zero dollars and an hour invested, it works.

Having nearly zero experience in motion picture making within Daz (or anywhere else for that matter), it was relatively easy though not as clear as I'd have liked. I had to work at it several times till I figured out how to "set keys". That part in the instruction narrative was disappointingly unclear.

What I didn't expect was the "Render" part. That freaked me out!

My advice to others trying this for the first time (and I wish Versluis had mentioned this), is make sure your 1st, TEST motion picture is no more than 100 frames (5 seconds or less) AND render in 3Delight. not Nvidia.

Every "frame" is a rendered picture. My 20 second rotation ended up as 600 frames and although each frame took less than a second to render (I rendered in 3Delight rather than Nvidia), I had a shockingly huge file of 600 images at the end of it.

What stalled me after that though, was that after making the Daz movie, you had to then transfer it to another mode of viewing to be able to transfer the actual file.

Having zero experience in this I selected the Microsoft Movie Maker and crated an Mp4 file from it.

That worked fine and I was impressed with my first, 20 second long motion picture but unfortunately, the final result mp4 file wasn't compliant for any of the prime sales sites I use that call for Utube, Vimeo or Marmoset.

I looked into Utube again and found that to be too confusing and after looking into Vimeo, abandoned that because it was long on the upload (600 images remember) and too invasive for private info.

I'm back to Marmoset.
That system is easy to setup, I understood it in it's most basic form immediately and it's much more modifiable as well as being viewer controllable.

The free "test" period is a 30 day, fully usable version of the software.
It's not difficult to figure out how to make your first image without any instructions and I highly recommend it but be aware that the investment is currently $189. after the 30th day.

Make a lot of models the first 30 days.