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Vendor Section (CLOSED)

CalicoSat, Nov 23, 2019
Karma: 4,355
I was just thinking, would it be possible to have a vendor section here on the forum just for us vendors? That way we could talk to each other easily and maybe collab on products or sales.
IonSun, Nov 24, 2019
Karma: 4,980
I like the idea, let me think about how we could do it

Foxy, any input on this?

Foxy 3DSun, Nov 24, 2019
Admin: 48,766
@Calico - Like I mentioned in my email to you... This is a great idea. Love it!

@Ion - This would be really cool. There are some things coming up that would benefit from this method of communication.

Also, I'm wondering about a "Product Showcase" section of the forums here.
  • Vendors can start a post showcasing their product.
  • Users can conveniently ask questions or comment about it.
  • Users can show off any images they have created using that product.
  • Encourages vendors to be more active promoting their products.
  • Creates more activity and engagement on the site.
  • The obvious SEO benefits, and so on...
What do you guys think?

Handyman454Sun, Nov 24, 2019
Karma: 1,226
Not to be argumentative and possibly more to express my ignorance, but how exactly, would that be beneficial to the "vendor" in general?
Would this be a "private to vendors only" thing or open to public display?

I spend close to 30 hours a week of my personal time learning and designing my "stuff".
I take that effort and the results seriously and as such, see myself developing into a category of performance somewhat above the standard Daz vendor artist.
I also see a difference in the products sold on Kitbash and similar items sold on Daz much less VanishingPoint and ShareCG.
My work is becoming more complicated, more detailed and vastly more time consuming compared to a standard Daz vendor.
In my simple world of understanding and expectations, I see vending on these sites as a general waste of time only to the extent that I make little or no money where I'm competing with children that make the same work in half or less the polies and then sell for $4.99 and to be honest, I aspire to being able to display/sell my work on sites like Kitbash where the time and quality are appreciated, expected and sought after.
Bearing in mind that it's not entirely the sites fault, but rather a matter of a series of inadequacies in which I myself, am not entirely without blame and understanding that my inventory is small and limited, what I would find magnanimously helpful AND useful, would be a program I could either learn from or hire into that would instruct me on how to increase my exposure EFFICIENTLY enough to garner some additional sales through advertising.
Work on that Ion/Foxy and you'll have more vendors than you can personally handle.

Daz offers only their name to their vendors.
If you don't know what Daz is, you'll never see the vendors nor their products.
Daz wouldn't even exist were it not for the display engine and dress up sex dolls they give away.
To their credit however, they have recently started advertising (targeted) their software and that's indirectly attracting outside attention to them and indirectly, their vendors but as things currently stand, there's still no organization or interest on their part, in their Vendor advertising efforts.
Their view is still selfishly, we got the people to the site, you're on your own as far as sales. Get over it and keep splitting your commission or move on.
Sure, they offer a postage stamp icon of "featured" artists or artists in general but that doesn't help the guy who's looking for a specific product for a specific need.
Case in point...
I can't find (google or search engine) a camo, BDU outfit that's sized to a male physique (M4) that will work on my V4 character.

Then there's the personal sales stagnancy. To find me on ANY site a potential buyer would need to Google me correctly. A 1 in 1000 chance hit?
What can you do to attract more interested people to your site and then once in your site, attract them to my/our vendor products?
If I want a SPECIFIC, sofa cushion, I go to Sears Site, Search the sofas area with the specifics of my needs and I'm presented with a list of items that match my desire. All I have to do then is open each one till I find exactly what I want and buy it.

NOBODY, has that worked out yet but I like ShareCG's search site best so far. Just unsatisfied with the products quality.
That's what you need to figure out.
We will build the cool toys, you need to figure out how to attract more interested buyers that have actual interest and or need in them, to the site and then a way for them to search for exactly what they want and be presented with a list of those matches.
By the way...
I've been in sales nearly all my life.
Offering a free item never results in a paying or continued customer. Just a person who comes back looking for more free items.
If you want to give something away, charge $1 for it or give it away free WITH a purchase.
KitBash, to my knowledge, offers nothing for free yet makes enough sales to keep their vendors happy.
Value is perceived. Free means no value and any item we create requires at least an hour in photo drops alone.
Just my thoughts.
IonSun, Nov 24, 2019
Karma: 4,980
Foxy 3DSun, Nov 24, 2019
Admin: 48,766
@Handyman454 - I second the "whoa". It's funny how you started off with "Not to be argumentative" and then proceeded with a monster of a post.

While you are certainly entitled to your opinion, it would have been nice (and forum-friendly) if you didn't hijack @Calico's thread with your unrelated rant. We were discussing something productive here.

Most interesting though, is this is a perfect example of why a private section of the forum would be nice for vendors. Thank you for helping demonstrate the usefulness of this.

IonMon, Nov 25, 2019
Karma: 4,980
Remember, just because something takes more time or skill, does not automatically qualify it as art. Daz Studio is a tool, how you use it is where art will be defined.

Here is one of my projects : https://www.renderhub.com/gallery/588/brooklyn-loft
Is it art? I would say not really (not yet at least), but it is in DAZ, and I can tell you it took allot of time and skill.

I think because DAZ makes it so easy to create scenes, and because it lends itself to creating mature content, it has gotten a bad reputation. But it really boils down to how you use it.

Here is a very sexy DAZ piece, but I definitely WOULD call this art : https://www.renderhub.com/gallery/2666/dominant-lady
But again, we might not all see it that way, and that's ok

Handy is a talented 3D artist, as is Foxy and Calico, we just express our creativity in different ways. And if you think sexuality does not play a role in art, you need to have a conversation with Picasso (if that was possible). Its all he ever thought about
IonMon, Nov 25, 2019
Karma: 4,980
Oh, and...

Every been in a huge cathedral like St. Patricks in NY : image
Feel the presence of God? Well, you should and most of us do.
That's because the architect designed it to make you feel that way.

True art evokes an emotional response. And I believe Handy has had just that
Handyman454Mon, Nov 25, 2019
Karma: 1,226
Again... No ill will is meant in my posts.
Calico has a question I'm interested in as well. I think. But I don't know if I am or not because I simply don't know what it is or how it will work.
That's why I asked for more clarification.
However, if additional vendor support isn't required here then my needs are moot.
As far as "hi-jacking" is concerned, again, no disrespect was meant but in an effort to cooperate by this confusing situation Foxy has accused me of, please see my new post

IonMon, Nov 25, 2019
Karma: 4,980
Ok guys...

Vendor section is up : https://www.renderhub.com/forum/vendors-corner

This forum is only accessible to users who have signed up as a vendor
CalicoMon, Nov 25, 2019
Karma: 4,355
Thank you Ion!!