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What a mess... (CLOSED)

Tue, Aug 04, 2020
What a mess...

I really like free stuff and here on renderhub we find a lot of it. Also sometimes in very awesome quality.  Thank's for that btw! 
BUT there are so many people out there that not even TRY to work their own products out. (i hope that they are in fact theirs) But WHY?! 

Is nobody able to focus 2 or 3 hours longer on something to refine it? I mean it cannot be this hard to join 100 meshes to usable objects, create a texture that sticks to a UV Map and something like that. You build it, so why don't you do that?! And why is nobody sorting out this trash?! Why have others - that like an idea of an product - work it out for you?! I mean let's be real, you download stuff here too i guess. That is the main reason to be here. You want a good product! You want to use it on the fly, not working on it 2 hours up or more depending on the complexity. 
You should stop uploading things that are not ready to use. 

Sometimes i think most of the stuff is selected, copy paste stuff out of some games... I hope it's not like that, but i can't explain to myself why the heck not even ONE obj, fbx or whatever is "ready" to use in the free section!  Am i downloading the wrong stuff?! Maybe... But boy... upload stuff YOU would download in the quality YOU would LOVE to see here!!!
Isn't that hard to guess what work others would like! 

And yeah, maybe it's free! But it is our time, that get's wasted by sorting out such trash! Time we never get back by the way! 

Wed, Aug 05, 2020
Foxy 3D

In my experience, I have seen three main types of freebies in the 3D world. 

1.  There are very talented vendors that offer some freebies as samples of their work, with the hopes that someone will purchase their other products after experiencing the quality for themselves. 

2.  There are talented creators that simply really enjoy making products and sharing them with the community. Many of these people don't have any intention of becoming vendors and making money from their products. 

3.  There are many people that are learning how to make products, and they are hoping to get feedback on their efforts by offering freebies. 

I think the third one may be the category of people you are talking about, and they would benefit greatly from your direct feedback so they can get better.

Giving the product an appropriate rating and an honest comment is one of the best things you can do for the vendor AND for the community .

When people do THAT, it helps with "sorting out such trash" - as you put it.  

I know this won't be what you want to hear, but I have to say it... If you want to reduce the possibility of wasting your time, then BUY products from established vendors that have high ratings and reviews on their products. There's a pretty good chance that the vendor HAS put the extra "2 or 3 hours longer on something to refine it" - as you say.  

At the very least, stick with the free products that have better ratings and reviews. That should help. 

Thanks for being part of the RenderHub community!  :-)  

Tue, Nov 17, 2020

Dear Gniiial,

 You make some valid points, then ask: WHY?

1.  The vast majority of creative contributions offered here, are by very clever and experienced people - thus are complex and targeted to the medium and high-end user market ... because that is where the majority of the demand is.

 In contrast - An election (as an example): The politicians and parties do not target everyone; rather they target those that can deliver immediate benefit and the most (majority) benefit.

"Minorities" (and there are a lot) get left-out or left behind for reason of practical necessity - not necessarily through desire or intent.

 These are fundamental realities in all aspect of life - not just elections, your work place, your community, nor here. It is universal. Does not mean it is right or fair - just that it is a reality that exists.

 2. To address the proficiency element of "Why" ... I comes down to knowledge and (another parallel) schooling.

 Simply - it is difficult to learn if you do not have teachers. Teachers come in classes or classifications. The majority (profession) are in the secondary and tertiary sectors (high school, college, university). Globally around 12% or primary school; while only 5% are pre-primary or early childhood schooling.

 There are lots of people here helping contributors grow and develop their skills/talents; however they equate to the secondary and tertiary education sectors.

 People starting out - are somewhere between pre-primary and primary (at best). Thus the folks trying to get started are doing it alone, and doing their very best - which should be admired.

3,  The lack/hole in the "help net" you identify; has been noted and is being addressed, probably by Christmas-New Year 2020-21 ... if not earlier (December 2020).

 RenderHub majordomo's are looking at this and acting on it - to encourage new members/new artists and help those grow their skill, as well as confidence.

 One might draw on Shakespeare here:

  i). It is better to try and fail, than never try at all;

ii). If at first you do not succeed, try, try again*.   [*: Likely Bill Gates and Steve Jacobs were thinking that, after the DOS 4 disaster]

 Folks will be encouraged and provided the basic tools/instruction (for free). Their offerings will be constructively critiqued (not 'criticized'). If something has a recoverable flaw - it will be discussed (learning), then fixed.

 The RenderHub community will benefit and grow, as a result of the contributions from these new artists. In turn the global 3D/CAD community benefit also, thus the world/global science.

 Thank you for raising these points. They had been noticed and are being addressed.



Conversations are not limited to new-members/artists. Ideas to make RenderHub a more proactive (fun) community are also being discussed, including sparking and challenging the intellects of seasoned users/developers. Much of this is actually Covid19 new-reality response driven. Millions are anxious and stressed - a scenario that will not change in the short term. Normal recreational avenues are compromised or not available (lock-downs) - thus the Tom Cruise fans dying to see the latest film offering - featuring new platform heels, maybe F1-22 Raptors, and better arse shots (higher heels), maybe titled "Top Buns" ... have to wait at home because the release is delayed/theatres closed. Socially conscious and responsible sites like RenderHub can help by making visits here more entertaining and increased fun. Some current discussions are focused on those factors, for these reasons (not to change the site per-se, rather make it more inclusive/fun/place to be or hang-out).