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Really Amazing Work (CLOSED)

Tue, Nov 17, 2020
Really Amazing Work

 Creativity is hard, thus all those who contribute here deserve a pat on the back and round of applause.

 There are mountains of impressive and amazing work, as well as inspiring creativity.

 I have noticed two/three really exceptional offerings - well worth taking the time to look at and admire.

The Artist - Reizibarrientos has produced probably the most life-like/realistic face I have ever seen:

Dasha - Teen for G8 Female ... is the first facial character virtually indistinguishable from a real life (very attractive) person you might meet in the street, see in a block-buster movie, or walking the catwalks of Paris.

... This character/model is so exceptional, it raises the creative bar to a whole new level.

 Luxuriou Ichigo (same creative genius) comes a close second; perhaps because the model has not quite got the same degree of 'wistfulness' (facial expression) as Dasha-Teen.

... Both are well worth looking at. Never seen better.

The Artist - Ion - latest offerings include the most life-like/realistic feet (wrinkled soles/skin), produced to date (ever seen) ... added to his realistic and dirty feet contributions.

Wrinkled Soles for G8; Dry Feet - G3 & G8; Dirty Feet for G3

The dry skin sole/foot was a stroke of genius, along with dirty feet (we've all had those) - both 'raising the bar'.

 Wrinkled skin raises it (bar/standard) yet again. Truly and exceptionally brilliant.

 ... It's like visiting the (real-world) art gallery - then marvelling at the craftmanship/craftladyship of the historic masters.

 Looking at these leaves you in a state of awe (and moderate concern/mother-paranoia ... about your feet/socks).


 Real measure is when you look - you immediately think your feet need lotion, cleaning (before Mom scolds you), or maybe you were swimming/in-the-bath a bit too long

Tue, Nov 17, 2020
Foxy 3D

Hey there!

Thanks for coming by here and making for some interesting conversation and sharing your observations.

Thanks, also, for helping out with the tech issue in that other thread.    

Wed, Nov 18, 2020

~Does flowery bow~

Ms Foxy ... a pleasure ... and thank you for the kind words.

 I noticed when first I visited just how hard  you and the others try to make RenderHub better and something special; however sometimes the burden of responsibility weighs a bit (on the soul), more some in times like the present when folks everywhere are worried, or mourning a friend/family member who has passed.

 At such times, life gets a bit easier if neighbours share the burden.

 You would be aware Ion was talking with me a bit behind the scenes. That impressed me, as have you kind words, providing a further motivation to stop past and help a bit, as time allows.

 Might surprise you - sounding and looking as you do (just past your 21st birthday) ... that I seem to recall - some decades back, there was a young Foxy Lady over at Deviant Art BBS (and a young Kaos and Nightcrow were - doing Gothic art/sketches).

 That Foxy Lady was very good at drawing/illustrating eyes ...

 This brings me back to what I said of Reizibarrientos' "Dasha Teen for G8" and what I think makes it so exceptional. As a lady you know what I mean by that slightly wistful look, woman have/use in real life. I suspect they practice it (in front of mirrors), then once perfected gets put in the arsenal for 'nailing targets' (aka. good prospects).

 Thing is it was missing from 3D characters - in realistic form. Reizibarrientos has managed to capture it ... which is truly admirable.

 In the standard art world (Oil & Water colour), they rave about the "schools" and particular artists contributions. I think it might have been Da Vinci who first added refected light in eyeballs (massive break-through in realism); then possibly Rubiens who  first put a mirror in a room/sitting (of King Phillipe & Queen Isabella/family - Spain) that reflected a side-rear view and effectively added a third dimension to painting. Amazing ground breaking stuff - albeit back around when I was still in nappies.

 All you guys and girls presently blazing new trails do not see yourselves in the same light; however history will

 I do see your work/effort in that light - thus coming here and looking around is a real privilege/honour.

 What I admire about your work is the style (clothes/dresses), and the reality of the posing/leisure stances. Your dresses are stylish and could be found/purchased at a boutique for casual-dressy or clubbing gear - without 'going over the top' (as many offerings do). Your models are actually comfortable (not suffering hernia's). So - like Ion's realistic, rough-skin and dirty feet ... add a "truth" aspect to the models and renders.

 Maybe in ten or twenty years time, lecturers in fine arts will refer to you lot as the "Truism School" of the CAD/3d revolutionary period.

 With that I'll run off before boring you senseless, because I've been 'multi-tasking' and participating in the SC20 (NVidia) technology conference ... (which has been thus far excruciatingly boring and has not told me anything I was not already aware of).

 On that and in closing - I noticed you have some lray renders - thus are running high-end NVidia equipment. To save time and fooling around - if that misbehaves ... ask me directly (saves you having to go up to their, MS's or HP/Dell's support sites/forums).