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Last Chance city, an envi for

By first78 posted Sat, Oct 30, 2021

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Last Chance city, an envi for
While I goes on Sketching some ideation things around the imposed theme of the end of Ze mons ...
From Ze begining, I knew I will not compete... My hardware is not enough powerfull to render all things I'd like, so, I decided to take advantage of the situation, not competing on the net, but competing, as every day, with myself ...

i never sketched, really, for Halloween, b'fore last year, for our Le ComteReabuable character, with a train, entering our virtual conceptual City, in our #B3D concept ... So, it means that I'm a newbie in the area of Horror, a category that is not from my prefered, I must say it, from my youth, not so conviced by the effects seen during my childhood, or too much !!

So ... My challenge, this year, was, at Ze beggining, to achieve a Great Durty old Character...
To stay streamable for my audience, I had started with a G8M, But did some bad things ... I started with a kit from previous years challenges, online, to start with an inspiration element. From that, while the files were not "done to be used with daz", I spent some time hacking the files, with an uv set that was falt, and some other elements that was not shipped with the kit... from ZAT, I started thinking about the "DELIVERY" concept, notion ... It have an importance regarding the final results of the brainstorming path... We finshed with a Full Set for a Delivery company, that's a fact !

So ... From the original files, unstructured, for my use, I found a way transposing the ORIGINAL character, I'll name it Papy's Son, in DAZ ... During the process, i Made a Full Neck (lower and uppoer) /head MASK... I played with the H/V positionning surface cursors, rendered the rssults, and used the face Transfer addon to let daz retopolgize the Head ...

I made Ze adjustments I thought about, after those necessary to "Dazify" my character, to give the dummy the final look and feel I was thinking about,k "in my head" ... I must precise it is NOT ME, on that sketching !!! I'lm not Yet like Papy !

Let me some 20 years more ! I'm 47 !

So ...

while setting the body parts, I launched our faved psd, etc. and, at same time, played on Daz and psd to start the wearing process, with elementary stuff, but, thinking about the Vintage Scary Movie, etc ... I started sketching a RainCoat as well ..

It sticks so good with the Delivery Guy HORROR topic ZAT I could not forget that classic !
So, We have drawn a RainCoat, fromscratch, to have OUR "proper" stuff for our dummies... I mùade some declinaison of the shapes, and spent some hours getting "vraious style sketching" to have winter stuff for the dummies... i'll show some views ... Not yet totally finished for other versions ... of the rain coat, winter coat, with or wo head part, morphs, etc.

Once the original Hacked adjusted Scary Guy achieved, I started sketching another, known as PAPY, here, to respect my work process, not using the Original used for ideation, to achieve our own, inspired, not STOLLEN ...

So, now, i have TWO Characters Shapes, AND ONE SPECIAL Skin set, with variations, as an Original from our lab ...
While using basic wearables that can be recognized with ease, like Classic G8M Tshirt, with just the liquid bloody splashes, not too much, on the parts affected by scars, one on the abdomen, the other due to "the virtual fact" considering Papy ealing its face scar with the shirt, that lets some traces on the afected part of the shirt ... imagine Papy took the left part of tshirt nearest to left hand to "clean" ..."HIS" face .. Sorry, for "humanization, I do not used this every time, but, here, we can ..."

Papy is so Realistic ... isn't it ...
Bref ... character : done
basics wearables : OK!
firts pose, to be used "most of the time to make a memory trace in the audience glance" Papy's pose !
now ... I preferd Winning a New set for our #B3D, so, I did it myself ! I launched the conception of the City for Ze company Warehouse, and, what is bette than our Big Desert ?! All big companies do have a wearhouse in Ze desert !?

From there, I promise other scenes, maybe, to go to space !? ...

a warehouse, two warehouse ... ineed Stepvans ! I had some in Ze library, so, First one was taken from the list, and psd came to hlp with some very quick drafts, to produce a kind of Communication campaign, for that virtual company, for our topic, ALLO WIN ...

Whaaat ?! ?! What did you sayyyy ?!

It is not to be written like ZAAAT !!!!,???

Rooooooooo ... I must star again !!!

So ....

to be continued ... Here's #Last_chance_city
Sat, Oct 30, 2021
by first78