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Erin - The Walk

Posted on Tue, Jan 15, 2019|Watch Artist
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Erin - The Walk

I have to admit, it was one of Ana's better ideas.

The girls that had gone to Marseille had returned the evening before and collapsed into their respective beds. Shopping can do that. Especially when it's my money. I was feeling a touch faint myself after seeing the pile of bags and boxes, truth be told.

Their weariness was short lived however and they were all in full voice when I eventually joined them in the sun room the next morning.
I had barely finished my breakfast, Milla graciously leaving me a croissant today, when Ana suggested lunch in town.
I agreed, good idea, besides they do fantastic coffee there and a pasta sauce made of mushrooms that I am convinced are narcotic.
The girls skipped off to get dressed, most of them at that stage still in robes, the soft swish swish of light feet in socks gradually fading down the hallway. I do love that sound.
The day was starting well, croissant, happy smiling (if not a touch loud) girls and the promise of good coffee and drug-pasta on demand.

I had been dressed and ready for at least forty minutes when that variable conglomerate I like to call my "Gorgeous Gaggle" finally burst in and closely escorted by Ana and Milla, Venice on point and with Erin on the flank, off we went.

It's not a short walk, yet neither is it long, it's just right when the weather is nice and you have wonderful redheads on each arm. We walk through a market area on the way to the cafe, and I always get a great deal of pleasure from the envious looks I get from the local male population, and with a compliment of four stunning girls this day, it was almost as good as sex.

Lunch was great, the coffee was sublime, and I am glad I wasn't driving after that sauce. Venice had wandered back off to the market place and Ana and Milla had kind of cuddled up in the corner and were talking softly. I looked at Erin and was sure she was starting to get a bit, well I don't think uncomfortable, yet I could see she wanted to give her sister a bit more privacy, so I suggested we take a walk to the park above the docks. She could point out the boat she delivered and we'd get away from those snogging gingers.

The park is a favorite place of ours, always bathed in a wonderful soft light all year round and it was large enough to feel secluded even on busier days.

Erin and I walked and talked. This was the most time I had spent with her alone since she got here, and it was most pleasant to finally start to get into her head and personality. She pointed out the boat, a beautiful sleek ocean cruiser, not huge, it can be handled by one person easily in good weather. I told her I was envious of her job, I love sailing but a long time leg injury basically prevents me from being anything but a passenger.
I was curious about when she worked in a crew, and how she managed being in such a predominately male environment. This let her open up, and she began to tell me several stories of times when she managed to outwit her crew mates, including throwing one new guy overboard one day. She soon gained a reputation and the respect within the sailing fraternity that she was rarely ever bothered. She could sail, she sailed well, and she took no shit. I could tell she was like her sister, and could handle herself in most situations.

I was beginning to become quite impressed with her overall. Small, fine featured and slim of build, yet she had her sister's confidence and fire and that combined with her looks made her very attractive to me.

We had been gone for nearly two hours by the time we completed our loop of the park and started to head back to the cafe to see if the others had been arrested for public indecency or not and continued to talk, mostly about sailing and her travels. Rada, our travel junkie is going to love her.

To my ever lasting satisfaction she listened patiently as I told her my favorite joke, the long one about the Messerschmitts, she even laughed out loud at the punchline. Ana hit me in the arm when I told it to her.
Yep she's a keeper.

She helped me start to round up the rest of the 'gaggle' two of which were finishing up a shared bowl of ice cream and not being dragged off by the gendarme and we started for home, once again pleasantly encumbered by redheads, picking up Venice as we worked back through the markets. It's a longer walk home, due to being slightly up hill, though none of us were in any rush .

For a while  I wasn't sure, but I thought that out of the corner of my eye I could see Erin occasionally looking at me, with that side smile she has, as she walked beside her sister, who was yammering on about something across my chest to Milla. Venice was again just ahead and I did my best to look at her tall strong body and the way she moved so easily instead of looking at Erin directly. Don't ask me why.

Eventually I Looked across at her, and that cheeky smile got a bit wider. I smiled back automatically.

Yes it was a fine idea indeed, Ana, a fine idea indeed.


OK yeah so a bit long winded for a mostly SFW-Except-Nipple-Slip image, but it is leading up to something, so bear with me and while there is not a lot of actual dialogue or detail it is helping me personally get into Erin's character, she is so much like her sister it's scary, yet she is developing a personality and strength of her own.

My imaginary little world is also more tangible now, and am able to cross reference 'history' easily (like that croissant) Consider this simply a development piece and feel free to ignore if you wish, or continue to read as we all learn a bit more about these girls.
All these girls are becoming so tangible in my own mind at least, I can even hear what heir voices sound like, and nutting out the details and history and personalities of the two newer ones has been fun.
It is also helping me write a bit more, getting the act of writing back into my muscle memory.
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Sat, Feb 02, 2019
by i-render-girlz


she is very pretty girl!!

Sun, Jan 20, 2019
by Foxy 3D
United States

It's nice to see your stuff over here, and Erin is especially cute. 

Nice work, as always!  :-)

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