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MARLEY project ... in progress
3D Render by first78
How to sketch a Bike ?!
I asked myself ...

Generaly speaking, when i ask myself something, i try to do it ...
As a starting point, I worked on the general shape ... not visible here, b'cause it is a big deformed kind of spherical thing, a kind of navished triple bubble combination, stretched on Z axe, etc. deformed , etc.

So, here you have 4 variations that are based on sketching sessions, to define :
- a chassis concept, a general choper form w/various positions possibilities ...
- a base for protection necessary part
- base for realistic-ism action figuration like rotation of the front wheel part, and dependencies, parents parts ...
- classical parts, as oil compartment, doubled, for a "Traveler" edition, for road trips representations, etc.

AND, some parts that can give another realistic touch, like :
- wire
- tube
- bumpers
- brake ctrl
- glasses/mirrors
- lights
- stop/parking under chassis parts

i KNOW ! there is any Lot of work to engage to go further ...

But i did not want YOU to think I was away !!! I'm here ...

PS :
I thought it could be ok to try to compose ONE shape that could help producing 3 different vehicules :
A MotorBike
but also :

at ZE same time Think about that when you watch at the general forms ... please !

be indulgent ! it's just a second hand bike !

first78Thu, Jul 01, 2021
Karma: 4,252
both Chassis elements are different !

at this moment, we have 3 various chassis in progress, and the aim is to adjust evry one to one vehicule, AND to combine, then all chassis to generate one unique, w/ adjustments parts/elements to ADD-on to change the nature of the bike, regarding the NATURE around ...

I think about integrating IN the bike the elements to make it possible, in our virtual world, to switch from one to another, that will be difficult, I know ... but ...

So, while I'll had achieve some other goals, like those, I'll publish again, not before answering lot of questions that are inhérit to that purpose ...

What a challenge ! a ONE FOR ALL BIKE ! maybe we'd better think adding wings to that !? NOooooooo ... NOT yet !

C you in some weeks ... Bye !
first78Thu, Jul 01, 2021
Karma: 4,252
Okkkkkkkk !
here's the first rendering, with the FIRST shape; i call that shape "Le BOURDON" ! it can be considered as "The Bumblebee" says google ...

so, when you'll see the motorbike evoluating, maybe you'll think about a flying bee that is/will/ (pour de faux ! | Not 4 real !) fly around in da scenes ...

OK !?image
first78Thu, Jul 01, 2021
Karma: 4,252

it looks like old vintage SPEED RECORDS PROTOTYPES !

I don't know the name of the BIG SALT LAC desert in USA, but we'd need such a "piste" to test it !! isn't IT ?! ...

found it :

Bonneville Salt Flats !

That's IT !

next time ?! after that !? maybe we'll sketch flying soccers ! old ones !

Let think about GROOM LAKE then ... Hi, hi, hi ... We'll make a SPECIAL REPORT ! hi, hi, hi ...
first78Thu, Jul 01, 2021
Karma: 4,252
What #MARLEY means ?!
What does it stand for ?! !
YES ! it's an ACRONYME !

of what ?! You'll read about in the "ABOUT" section of Next to bee, not this one ! BE , Yes, this one : #B3D !

MA, is for the name of the author ! MA are the intials of first and last name !
R is for "RACING" purposes . . .
LE, Limited edition, of COURSE
and the Y, is for the department where I live : YVELINES !

it's is a dedicace, as we say, to our Very Nice region ! a Clin d'oeil in itself ... Vrooooooooom !

and NOISE !? it's something else ! i can't say it now ... or you'll won't read the #B3D, the day it will, if, then, be published ...

I don't know if we'll achieve this F---- #B3D ! Woooow ! it takes time !!! a lot !!! my hands are used ! all this work !? and what for !?

is it a kind of Therapy or what !? Maybee ...

NOT this one !

okkk ...

NDLR : cut dialogs yourself !image

MARLEY project ... in progress

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Jul 01, 2021

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