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3D Items Wanted

Post about 3D items you would like to see added to RenderHub.

Views: 102 Replies: 4
Updated: Fri, Sep 01
postLooking for Baldurs Gate 3 Characters
By inneswa
Views: 113 Replies: 16
Updated: Sun, Aug 27
postCan we see some new G3 characters?
By dim35
Views: 98 Replies: 22
Updated: Fri, Aug 25
postBugatti 41 Royale
By KrisBai2182
Views: 170 Replies: 67
Updated: Fri, Aug 25
postMilitary rank insignia
By dim35
Views: 519 Replies: 14
Updated: Fri, Aug 11
postAbaya (for G8F)
By Skribbler
Views: 28 Replies: 0
Updated: Sun, Aug 06
By Signature Studio
Views: 280 Replies: 10
Updated: Sat, Aug 05
postwhy do many create some kind of freaks? for daz studio.
By Kolya Romanov
Views: 41 Replies: 1
Updated: Sun, Jul 30
postAnyone with any High Poly 1980's car models want to collab?
By tien_jian_fei
Views: 81 Replies: 15
Updated: Mon, Jul 24
postComics style Dot shaders
By dim35
Views: 26 Replies: 0
Updated: Mon, Jul 17
postGarrus Vakarian
By Escapextacy
Views: 49 Replies: 1
Updated: Sun, Jul 09
postAnybody good at modeling vehicles?
By tien_jian_fei
Views: 216 Replies: 15
Updated: Sat, Jul 08
postCan someone make Rosalina Cosplay Hair for Genesis 8 Female?
By ImmortalFlamix
Views: 223 Replies: 36
Updated: Sun, Jul 02
postplease make such clothes for children. as in the pictures.
By supertvs78
Views: 52 Replies: 2
Updated: Tue, Jun 13
postAlternative hair for Rosalina + Fire Rosalina's hair
By ImmortalFlamix
Views: 38 Replies: 2
Updated: Tue, Jun 13
By Vince
Views: 49 Replies: 2
Updated: Sun, Jun 04
postPink Satin Kamino Robe
Views: 43 Replies: 0
Updated: Sat, Jun 03
postGloria from Remothered Tormented Fathers for Genesis 8 femal
By Undercity4
Views: 128 Replies: 7
Updated: Sat, May 20
postFake Halloween Costumes
By dim35
Views: 35 Replies: 0
Updated: Fri, May 19
postJavlins from Anthem
By RazielKanos
Views: 67 Replies: 1
Updated: Thu, May 18
postplease make these models. as in the pictures. ( Baba Yaga )
By supertvs78
Views: 161 Replies: 17
Updated: Sat, Apr 22
postClementine from The Walking Dead
By randomname1667
Views: 121 Replies: 5
Updated: Mon, Apr 10
postG9/V9 Tanlines?
By flaunts3d
Views: 462 Replies: 10
Updated: Thu, Apr 06
postModern Western-style Judge's Robe for G8F/G8M
By Katsuyaki
Views: 229 Replies: 16
Updated: Wed, Apr 05
postThings you thought you'd see more of / like to see more of
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